Status 001

Build succeeded

Dunno about any of you, but there’s not much that beats the excitement of finally seeing a project come to life. Be it the mixdown of some music, starting the photocopier on some written work or sending graphics to the printer… it always (and still) gives me the chills.

Same with software. After weeks of pushing around concepts and scribbles, code and assets, screenshot dummys and animation prototypes, when you finally get to hit that build-button in Xcode and get to lay your hands on a “real, running” application — weeeeeh!

Of course, the excitement never lasts that long, hehe, as you immediately run into lots of bugs and problems and slowdowns and crashes and not-as-intended behaviors.

Like, say, X should open if Y was clicked, no?

Whatever, though, we’re making progress. Huge progress. Last week saw the first alpha version of a puzzler we’re developing, and it’s getting better and better with each day that passes. What was a simple level-select at first has evolved into a playable game, and seeing other people actually play that thing is truly amazing.

There are still lots of things to work out before we can even consider this “beta”, of course, but we’re getting there. And if anything, showing off the current version to (at least mildly impressed) friends and family adds to our morale.

Beginning to roll, that’s for sure…

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