Status 002


Today I’m sharing with you the very first in-game screenshots of our upcoming puzzle game. The above screen shows the level select on a stage currently called “Plong”.

It is, quite obviously, an hommage to what many consider the first real video game, though our rendition has very little in common with the legendary tennis sim.

The image below shows the level select on a stage currently called “ABZen”:


The game will initially feature about 10 stages, each seperated into 2 to 12 levels. Stages will feature goals you need to beat in order to unlock additional stages, and each beaten level will let you advance to the next. You can replay levels for a better score, of course, and we’re currently looking into incorporating some sort of global achievement system, though that’s undecided as of today.

No highscores, though. It’s a single-player puzzle game, silly.

However, once we release 1.0, players will scratch their head at round about 80 levels, maybe more.

An by the way: The first screen was taken on an iPod touch, so it really is “gameplay”, so to say. The second one is a grab from our level editor, which we’ll ship alongside the game as a free download from our website.

Yup. Free. Level. Editor.

I’ll talk more about the game later this week.

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