Introducing Ulysses 1.7, Pt. 1 — Document Trash

Ulysses 1.7 New Filter Menu

Now that the cat is out the bag, I’d like to share with you some of the new features we’re going to introduce with Ulysses 1.7.

First off: Document Trash.

Right now, if you are to delete a document, it’s all or nothing. If it’s deleted, it’s gone, and there’s no bringing it back. So in order to minimize accidental (or unintended) document deletion, you probably had a collection set up, into which you moved your unwanted documents.

This was suboptimal at best, so with 1.7, we’re adding a trash can to the Groups & Collections.

It pretty much works like the Finder’s trash, in that you can either drag’n'drop documents to the bin, or select the corresponding menu item. Trashed documents can neither be opened nor edited, of course, and if you happen to move an open document to the trash, it will be saved, closed, trashed, bingo.

Now… that’s the basics. Here come the fun parts.

1) Trashed documents will keep ALL of their relations intact.

If you select a document within a collection and choose to trash it, you can simply “put it back” later. Either from within that collection (see below) or from within the trash. You don’t have to remember which collection the document was in — Ulysses knows and will put it back in place. This is true for multiple collections also. And for filters, of course.

2) Trashed documents can either be hidden or visible.

Per default, trashed documents will only show up in the trash can. Duh. However, you can choose to have them still show up in any filter they belong to, or any collection they are/were in. This may not seem too helpful at first, but you might end up using this on a regular basis, if only for the sake of feedback. Trashed documents will be grayed out, and while you won’t be able to open and modify them, you can still check their contents in the preview. Copy. Paste…

3) The document trash will only be visible when using Groups & Collections.

As has been our philosophy from day one: If you don’t need it, we won’t force it on you. The trash will only show when Groups & Collections are active (and can be hidden even then), so all you 1.0 lovers/purists out there can still pretty much work as you always have. The only change you have to cope with is a new menu command, that’s all.

Additionally, you can choose to have the trash shown either at the top or bottom of your collections list. And you might have it hide automatically when it’s empty.

We believe the document trash to be a great addition to the documents browser, and our guess is that you’ll make extensive use of it. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes deleting old documents can not only reduce file size and clutter — it can have a cathartic effect that will spark your creativity.

I know what I’m talking about, and I believe you do, too. ;)

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