Introducing Ulysses 1.7 — 2.0

Ulysses 2.0

After much debate and even more added features, we’ve decided to take Ulysses to version 2.0. That’s right: The next version will be a major release, our first full version jump after almost six years (!), and it will be an update more than worthy of the version change.

And yes, we will indeed charge an update-fee from long-time users. We’re still evaluating our grace-period policy, but please don’t worry. If you’re considering buying 1.6 right now, we won’t charge you again in a couple of weeks.

The move to 2.0 will also bring with it some changes to the way we handle updates and registrations. For one, we’re ditching the current registration process in favor of a simple serial number scheme. I could go into great lengths explaining why we implemented our system in the first place, but it will be gone for good anyway, so I don’t want to bother.

Second, we’ll be moving to Sparkle for automatic updates. This might be of minor interest to most users, but when we started Ulysses, Sparkle wasn’t available at all, so we came up with our own system. Turned out to be pretty much identical to Sparkle, so for 2.0 we’re giving up our own solution for a system that has become the defacto standard on Mac OS X — for third parties at least. Helps us focus on more important tasks.

There are still lots of as-of-yet unannounced features, but my guess is that you’ll rather play around with 2.0 yourself then read about it. If so, I’ve got news for you: We’ll be starting a public beta run of Ulysses 2.0 within the coming weeks. The application will be available for download over at the blue-tec forum, where we’ll also set up a PB-section again to exchange thoughts, comments and, uhm, bug-reports.

And that’s that.

I’m off to a two week’s holiday now. No web, no gaming consoles, no mobile phones. Let’s see if the kids play along, he…

Have fun!

7 Responses to “Introducing Ulysses 1.7 — 2.0”

  1. Pawel Konieczny says:

    I can’t wait for the 2.0 update, but there is one thing you could do, to make me more happy. Please make it possible in the new version to use Polish quotation marks i.e. „ – for an opening mark, and ” – for a closing one. As for now I have to change e v e r y opening quotation mark once exported from Ulysses to MS Word, which is drudgery. It should not be that difficult, I suppose.

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  3. max says:

    Pawel: we already have this, all the exporters support to change the quotations marks, it’s just a checkbox :)

  4. Pawel says:

    No, you have not. In all exporters I have the possibility to change quotation marks for English, German, Swiss, French, Single, and Swedish, but not for Polish (i think it is called officially north eastern european). Again, it is either an opening quotation mark (if English), or closing quotation mark (if German), that needs to be changed manually afterwards.

  5. Fertility Hollis says:

    I’ve been following this upcoming release with great interest. I wish you a speedy and successful 2.0 This could be the start of something big…… Long live Ulysses!

  6. max says:

    Pawel: Yes, on the second reading, I now see that you wrote Polish. I must have missed that. Maybe it’ll make it into the release :)

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