Styling Conversation

Styling Conversations in Ulysses 2.0

I’m currently creating brand-new themes for Ulysses’ GROUNDBREAKING (!!!) new theme switcher. We’ll have five to six different approaches available at launch, and we also streamlined the whole process of importing themes from other projects.

Whatever. While toying around with the many possibilities of defining custom characters as inline style tags and thus having these tags colored and whatnot in the editors, I came up with what I think might be a pretty cool way to do conversations: Check out the shot above (I ripped the text from a Final Draft page, hope they don’t mind).

As with most of Ulysses’ features, a screenshot can’t show how it feels to write with such a theme, so you just need to take my word that it sure feels great, he. It’s good for easily identifying speech passages, great for reading out loud, and quite a nice method of adding focus when actually writing.

This might even be of use for folks doing basic scriptwriting.

5 Responses to “Styling Conversation”

  1. Maggot says:

    Just tried this and it looks and feels amazing. Brilliant idea. Don’t know why I never thought of it… and it works for stage directions and any other “element”. But at the end you have to go through and replace the inverted commas with an empty space…

    But Max, you seem to be saying this only works when the theme switcher is in place. Surely it just needs inline tags? Or is there something else…

    Crap play, BTW. Late Tarantino, I suspect – “late” as in last week.


  2. max says:

    Actually, the post has been written by Marcus ;)
    However, you do not to have to remove the quotation marks by hand. Just use the Export and set it up to remove the tags – done. As for the styles Menu, I think he wanted to say that the new themes menu makes it way easier to quickly switch between various ways of viewing your text.

  3. Maggot says:

    Ah – all is clear.

    I was going to search and replace, which is pretty stupid. Doing it on export is both easier and better.

    Looking forward to the theme switcher. I’m a big fan of themes.

    Max vs Marcus – you mean there’s two of you?

  4. max says:

    … well there are Max (me) and Marcus.
    … and there’s Dirk, Götz and Michael ;)

  5. Marcus says:

    About the new switcher: I was just experimenting with a few new styles *because* of it. We’re going to introduce new themes, and so I tried several things, including highlighted quotes. That’s why I brought it up.

    Of course one can achieve the same look with 1.5/1.6. :)

    While on the subject… one thing the new switcher does not, however, is seperate the different modes/views from each other. This was done to reduce clutter at the expense of flexibility. So you won’t be able to use the look of one theme for Standard Mode and that of another theme for Console Mode or Preview. Or keep everything else while switching themes for Console Mode.

    We had to do it that way in order to not introduce another layer of “themes” — i.e. we would’ve needed to have “themes” for the single modes plus something like “interface sets” or such as overall container.

    I’m not all that happy with this, as I believe a lot of users would like to experiment a bit with just the Console Mode and keep everything else intact, but… well… you can’t have everything all the time, he?