Ulysses 2.0 Beta 6

Beta 6 is up, go “Check for Updates…”

This release is the feature-complete. We might change the look of some buttons, might add or modify a shortcut here or there, might even juggle some menu items around — but that’s about it.

Preferences will need to get cleaned up, some interface strings have errors. Localizations are incomplete, and the Help does not reflect the change from 1.7 to 2.0 or much of the new features, for that matter. The links in the Help menu still lead to unfinished webpages.

Other than that, this will be it.
Happy testing, you know where to report. ;)

BTW: The release version will include several project templates as well as five to six default themes for use via Fonts & Colors. We might even include some freely available fonts, though this is still undecided (e.g. Gentium).

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