Wrapping things up (start of, actually)

Ulysses 2.0 Final

Puh, these days are just packed. Laying finishing touches on some interface elements, squashing late bugs, collecting localizations, squashing new bugs, creating PR letters and product information pages, double-checking new Help content, the new registration system, squashing bugs, the new updater (works!), and finally moving every little bit over to SOULMEN CI.

Apart from standard pre-release craziness, you won’t believe how much blue-tec stuff has amassed over the years, and how much work it is to completely switch out company names and logos and colors and all… no going back, of course. :)

But not much time to blog-post, either.

So, release date. You want a release date? A fixed and firm release date? And a price tag? Standard price and update-fee? Like… Ulysses 2.0, available at the-soulmen.com, beginning… beginning… beginning, uhm, or rather starting at… at…

One Response to “Wrapping things up (start of, actually)”

  1. TwiRp says:

    Everything looks awesome so far. Looking forward to the final release.