Semantic Editing on the iPhone

Ulysses Mobile Semantic Editing

The above is a screenshot of a recent build of Ulysses Mobile. The semantic editing depicted here works just as it does in the desktop version — paragraphs get colored automatically based on a prefix.

Problem: It’s a hack. So take it as a proof-of-concept.

We’re quite exited, however.
(it works! it works!)

6 Responses to “Semantic Editing on the iPhone”

  1. That is amazingness. I’d love to see how you did that!

  2. max says:

    Just to say two words: Black Magic ;)
    I’ll just say this: TextViews on the iPhone are WebViews, and web pages support CSS…

  3. singleton says:


    If your inclined to do so. Please have a look at “Smile on my Mac’s” TextExpander’ Touch’s 3rd party application integration.

    It makes rigorous data entry on the iPhone bearable.

  4. singleton says:

    Sorry couldn’t recall the acronym SDK. TextExpander has a SDK which is freely available.



  5. Marcus says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen this, and we will definitely be adding support for TextExpander at some point. Right now we’ve got more than enough features to code for a 1.0 release already.

    But expect TE support in the first or second update.

  6. singleton says:



    I’ve done a Ulysses demo at least once a year for the past several yrs. I could never grasp it’s functionality and possible uses. I never took the time to put it through the paces although something about it always intrigued me. In some ways it wasn’t intuitive, yet in other ways it was.

    Excellent new home page/description of Ulysses. It made all the difference in my understanding it’s use and realizing I’d found an app I’d longed for.

    Like many non-techs I’m a bit slow to understanding the potential of apps like Ulysses, “partially due to information overload.” Thanks for all the years of free demo’s of Ulysses and info on the upcoming iPhone app.

    Well time to pick up a license and the iPhone version upon release.

    Lastly, a good tag line for Ulysses would be:
    Ulysses “The Strong and Silent Type”