Ulysses 2.0.3 Ulysses 2.0.3

Ah, bad joke, but here’s the list of fixes and news in the latest version of Standard and Core and Standard and Core. Dang, sorry.

  • Removed additional Edit menu
  • Crashes during opening projects on 10.4
    [Ed: just to be clear... we fixed that]
  • Fixed Portuguese, Italian Localization
  • Pasting text to console mode notes window no longer screws colors
  • Fixed a bug which causes a hang during a LaTeX export, if a document ends with a footnote mark.
  • Fixed a bug in the LaTeX exporter which exported a footnote, even if the footnote mark is deleted by another
  • Layout glitches when changing display in info panel
    [Ed: same here]
  • Hang when clearing styles in a empty document
    [Ed: and here]
  • Now only shows Trial expiry sheet once

Note: The edit menu on pre Snow Leopard (10.6) systems will show several greyed-out items, such as “Transformations”. These are exclusive to Snow Leopard, so there’s nothing to worry about. We tried to hide these from 10.5 and below, but it’s not worth the hassle, really.

So, there you have it. The update should be available as you read this via integrated update greateness.

2.0.3 will be the last update to Ulysses 2.0, unless we really screwed up something. The next release will already be 2.1, which will offer nothing new in terms of editing features, but will focus on data security, backup handling, as well as management of your projects. Oh, and iPhone/iPod touch syncing, of course.

Have fun!

10 Responses to “Ulysses 2.0.3 Ulysses 2.0.3”

  1. download says:

    Hi, the disk image for Ulysses will not open. Annoying.

  2. andreas says:

    Hello Ulysses team,

    weeks before i have posted a question about PDF Export of numbered and unnumbered lists.

    Again the question:
    Is it possible to create numbered lists?
    When I create new tags for list level 1 and list level 2 it will be ignored by the PDF export. Ist it a bug? in Latex it will work, but only the first level will be parsed


  3. dirk says:

    Creating numbered lists is currently not possible, but we’re working on it. Same applies to hierarchical lists in LaTeX.
    For questions, it’s best to use our Board at http://www.the-soulmen.com/board .

  4. tboley says:

    I’m just trying ULYSSES 2.0.3 on Snow Leopard. Works fine, but during PDF-Export, Ulysses freezes when it`s setting the pages. LaTeX 2008 is installed an works fine.

  5. bob beadle says:

    Unable to download Ulysses (trial). I’ve tried two dozen times. Slow connection here.

    Suggestions? Thanks!

  6. dirk says:

    I’ve sent you an alternative link via email. Maybe this helps.

  7. FG says:

    Stumbled upon Ulysses via John Gruber.
    Trying to see if a non-writer writer can use in developing ideas.

    Are there any downloadable samples of how the program is used or just a sample to see how it might be used.


  8. dirk says:

    You can get our manual as an Ulysses project at http://the-soulmen.com/pub/ulysses/help/HelpProject.ulys.zip .