Starting Ulysses Mobile Beta

Hey folks,

recently it has been hard to miss that we are developing Ulysses Mobile. There have been some pictures and videos around. This might have wetted your teeth… But now we want you to get your hands on the nearly finished version — as an exclusive beta tester!

So what do you need?

  • An iPhone or an iPod touch with at least OS 3.0
  • Some good use for an semantic text editor on the go
  • A little tolerance to bugs and quirks.
  • Warmheartedness and stuff …

Wanna participate? Just send your application to, and make sure to include some information about the type of device (iPhone/iPod) and the installed system. We have not yet decided how many people will participate, nor do we know when we’ll start exactly, but it might still happen this week :)

Update: Wow, the response was overwhelming! We do now have enough beta testers for Ulysses Mobile. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Have fun,


5 Responses to “Starting Ulysses Mobile Beta”

  1. I just sent my application. I wish you guys the best of luck in the final stages of development!

  2. Sven P. says:

    Hy i want to by the ipad.
    When do you think will be the mobile version available.
    Is it possible to join the beta testers.
    I´m still using 1.6 on my normal mac are the projects compaible ?

    • max says:

      We have no idea, when it will be available. Still pending. 1.6 project will not be compatible. We we do, we will add syncing für Ulysses 2.0 and up only, sorry for that.

  3. max says:

    No, sorry. We’re already full. If Ulysses will make it on the iPhone is not yet decided, however. Apple still got the last vote…