XMAS Sale, 20% off

Just a quick note: We’re currently doing a christmas sale. By entering “XMAS” into our shop’s coupon field, you can grab any of Ulysses licence types at a drastically reduced price:

  • Ulysses – 35.99
  • Ulysses edu – 27.99
  • Ulysses core – 19.99

That’s it, nothing else to add.
Oh, well… Merry Christmas everybody. :)

Update: The christmas sale is over. Happy New Year everybody!

5 Responses to “XMAS Sale, 20% off”

  1. Maurizio says:


    Please where is the field for coupon?!

  2. dirk says:

    The christmas sale ended yesterday, so you cannot enter the coupon anymore.

  3. Laura says:

    Well, darn! Maybe you could note that in an update to the post, instead of putting it in the comments, which are hidden by default. Granted Christmas is past but there’s always post-holiday sales and it’s a bit of a bait and switch thing you’ve got happening here.

    Also, it seems the zip code and city fields are switched (mis-labeled) in your order form.

    Thanks anyway!

  4. dirk says:

    OK, I have updated the post. Thank you for notifying us!

    The order of the zip code and city fields are currently “european style”: First the zip code, then the city. The labels should match the corresponding input fields.


  5. Laura says:

    Ah, thanks, Dirk! That’s much clearer now. And, right. European address style. That’s why it looked funny.

    Now, perhaps, you’d like to offer me a little something for my time, that is, for having taken the trouble to make a friendly usability suggestion? Say, I don’t know, oh, how about a little discount on Ulysses?!