A new Exporter for Ulysses!

Screenshot WebExport

As you probably noticed, this blog has been pretty quiet lately. The last few months have been pretty busy for us Soulmen, some of us had to take some time off from Ulysses. Nonetheless, development of Ulysses is now going ahead at full speed and we’ll have a public beta of Ulysses’ sparkling new Web Export ready soon. This exporter has taken us quite a while, but we wanted to make it just perfect for all your blogging and publishing needs. Stay tuned!


4 Responses to “A new Exporter for Ulysses!”

  1. Tomas says:

    I’m guessing that jumping from HTML export to ePub should be a breeze, then, eh? :)

    • goetz says:

      Nice! I just had a brief look at the ePub spec and I think the WebExport should be capable of exporting ePub too. The only problem is that you’d have to zip the exported folder yourself. I’ll play around with ePub and see what’s possible and what’s not.

  2. Tomas says:

    Yeah, it’s basically a packaged XHTML and apparently very simple to produce, considering there are no tables, images, etc. But I think everyone would prefer implementing it as a separate export format (using much of the code-base from WebExport) – why not let Ulysses zip it for the user and create the entire package ready to go?

    • goetz says:

      We don’t exactly know how we will include ePub, but since we’ve kept the WebExport very flexible, we pretty much don’t need to change any code. Zipping the folder is not complicated, we could include is a post-processing action. By the way, ePub supports images (PNG/JPG/GIF/SVG) and, as far as I understand it, tables as well.