ePub Export

ePub Export

Here’s our second beta for the Web Export. We added a brand-new Template that allows you to export your Documents to the ePub format, which is the default format for iBooks, Apple’s eBook reader for the iPad and the iPhone. We also fixed some bugs in the user interface and the exporting algorithm along the way.
You can grab the new beta here.
Again, if you find any bug or want to request a feature: every kind of feedback is welcome. You can e-mail us, use the bug tracker or discuss the Web Export with fellow beta testers in the forum.


Update: We just uploaded an updated version of the Web Export, so in case you’ve already downloaded this Beta, please download it again and update the Exporter. Happy testing!

Update x2: If you already upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, the above exporter is broken. Instead, you can use the WebExport Beta for Lion.

2 Responses to “ePub Export”

  1. Awesome, keep up the good work. With this, it would also be possible to target the Amazon Kindle by converting .epub to .mobi with KingleGen: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?ie=UTF8&docId=1000234621

    • goetz says:

      I just had a quick look at KindleGen, and while it’s able to convert our exported ePubs to mobi, the result is not really usable.
      However, the specification for mobi seems to be publicly available so we might be able to build a Template that can export to mobi files. The last issue that remains is that none of us at The Soulmen currently owns a Kindle, so we can’t really test the results on the device (however, there is a Kindle Previewer for Mac OS X which we can use in the meantime).