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Ulysses Mac App Store NOT

Find the mistake… (apart from the 5-star rating, haha)

Just a quick heads up regarding Ulysses and the Mac App Store: Tomorrow, Apple will introduce its new online store for Mac apps. As of today, Ulysses is still “in review”.

We’re “in review” for well over 6 weeks now, and it seems as if we’re going to miss the grand opening.

The worst case happened here, and I just can’t tell you how I feel right now. It’s a mixture of sadness and anger and, yes — despair. We lost two months of work on Daedalus because of Ulysses’ App Store preparations; making it conform with the guidelines, switching the license scheme, update mechanism… and it cost us quite a bit of money, too (e.g. localization of app store description/new web pages).

That stuff’s not lost, of course, but right now I’d rather have a Daedalus beta ready than everything in place for the vague possibility of a soon-to-be-allowed place in the Mac App Store.

We also had a lot of stuff planned for tomorrow. News regarding pricing, distribution, update politics and product portfolio — but now it’s the 5th of January, 9:35 PM already, and we haven’t heard a single word from Apple.

So I doubt we’ll make it.

Needless to say, as of today we can’t estimate the implications this development will have for us, for Ulysses, for you, our customers. It’s just a very, very sad day over here, and I stop here before I get carried away.

Have fun.

PS: The guys over at Realmac have a nice blog post up that pretty much resembles a draft I have on my machine. Go read it, as I won’t publish mine for quite some time it seems…

19 Responses to “Re: Ulysses@MacAppStore”

  1. Njordy says:

    Aqua-style scrollbars?

  2. Flex says:

    Jungs, ich drück Euch ganz fest die Daumen, dass es soch noch rechtzeitig was wird.

  3. Flex says:


  4. Njordy says:

    Oh! Ulysses is in “Music” category!! :)

  5. Software will go up I would imagine, and i’m sure their Hardware will go up to (although not directly related to this).

  6. max says:

    The AppStore is here and we’re not in…

  7. Lane says:

    Not seeing Ulysses in the App Store is frustrating. I am taking some comfort in the fact that Scrivener, Nisus, and a few others are not in the store yet, so no one has an unfair advantage. I hope this app store thing works out… Good luck to everyone that makes my favorite writing application–Ulysses.

  8. perry says:

    That’s sucks. I wish it would have worked out better.

    As an aside, if this cheers you up any. I love Ulysses and recommend it every time I know someone who writes on a Mac. It’s a nearly perfect application.

  9. Uddhava dasa says:


    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been waiting for so long. I also submitted an application last week and I’m in the same seat waiting for approval.

    I think they went into the store thing a little bit too soon and they are struggling to keep it together. Eventually they’ll figure it out. Its like in the iOS market, submissions took a long time in the beginning. Now they take 5 days.

    Keep the spirits up, when you see the powerful reach of the app store and the new markets that you reach you’ll be thankful for all that extra work.

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  10. Uddhava dasa says:

    Today my Mac App got approved! It took about 10 days to complete the process. I wonder why this Ulysses app is taking so long.

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  11. Marcus says:

    Hey, congrats to your Mac Store approval. We’re still waiting, though we’ve now AT LEAST got info from Apple that the app has been rejected. :(

    More on that later this week, as we’re not quite sure yet as how to proceed.

  12. Dave says:

    Looking forward to seeing this on the app store. Also really looking forward to the iPad app.

    Also, it’s quite late so I don’t expect this to be still valid, but is the discount still available?


  13. Niklas says:

    I don’t know … I’m not that impressed with the app store. I don’t see myself using it a whole lot. Not sure what it adds to existing web sites such as Macupdate for example. Or, well, Google …
    Maybe I just need to get used to it.
    Of course, If it turns out to be a major sales channel for Mac apps I can understand the anxiety from a developer’s perspective.
    I feel with you, hope you sort this out soon.


  14. Cady says:

    I don’t like the App Store. I’m saying that after having installed about ten App Store apps or so. I discovered that some of my favorite apps got crippled in one aspect or another when they made the move to the App Store — for instance, removing a crucial menubar icon, removing command line tools, etc. More than once I uninstalled the App Store version and went back to download the non-crippled version of the app from the developer’s website. So, as far as I’m concerned, the App Store ain’t so hot… :)

    • max says:

      Unfortunately, the AppStore will be come the primary way to sell apps. it will be on every mac and every user will be able to quickly buy, download, install and update apps. This approach is superior to everything else that previously existed. No one will ever be ale to compete, only Apple can push a distribution channel to all devices. Despite that, I agree it cripples some apps and hinders them from being released.

      Luckily, Ulysses is not affected for such reasons. We will hopefully be in the store quite soon. *Fingers crossed*

  15. Sami says:

    Now that Ulysses is in the App Store (congratulations, by the way!) — will updates (2.x) still be offered the old way, at least until the next major upgrade?

  16. Marcus says:

    Thanks and of course. Updates for installed versions will be delivered via auto-update, just as before.

    But I’ll have a blog post ready by tomorrow, which outlines/details everything Ulysses.

  17. Just bought it! Too bad I’m a little late for the discount price. No worries though; well worth the full price tag.