So we submitted our first iPhone App. Now what’s next?


You’ll see this branding quite a lot this year. We hope.

We’ve just submitted our first iPhone app to the App Store: Kids’Player. It’s nothing spectacular, just a pretty minimal music player for a small, restricted audience, but still… it’s our first iOS submission, so break out the champagne. (yeah!)

If the review gods find nothing store-shattering, you’ll soon see a button on the product page which you might click (or tap) to rush and download the app for 99 cent apiece. It will make your kids happy, and turn us into insanely rich and famous people. No doubt. So fingers crossed and all, let’s just hope we didn’t infringe on some funny patent someplace or some such some-so some…what.

But wait, there’s more!

This small app — Kids’Player — marks the beginning of a new era here at the Soulmen. It’s a glimpse of our future product portfolio, a portfolio currently dominated by Ulysses.

We’re not abandoning Ulysses by any means. In fact, far from it. We’re just widening our field of play, or rather let you participate in what we’ve been playing with all along.

See, during the course of the last few years, we’ve worked on quite a lot of side-projects, some of which died, some of which are now starting to bear fruit. You might’ve already seen Daedalus touch, our upcoming text editor for iPad. It’s been set back a bit because of the Mac App Store (Ulysses), but it’s progressing nicely, and we’ll have some new screens or even a short demo movie ready next week. So watch this space.

Another project we have been working on for quite some time now, is a new breed of MP3 player for Mac OS X, one that would improve navigation through the sheer masses of songs we’ve all been piling up; I currently have 10.000 songs in my library, and while iTunes is an overall great player and manager, it doesn’t explicitely shine in that area.

This project, called HouseParty, has been around for over five years now, and it has seen various internal alphas and iterations. When we started it, we already designed with touch screens in mind, even though only a few people were using them at that time. When the iPhone arrived, we added remote control capabilities over WiFi, but were struggling with the overall direction the app had taken. Now, with the iPad around, we decided to stop, reboot and move the whole project over to that new device.

We hope to have HouseParty released this summer, and will setup a tiny-tiny preview site early next month.

Then there are some smaller apps in the pipeline, one of which will let you design CD covers for use in iTunes or *cough* any other *cough* music player for that matter. Should be ready in February, available through the Mac App Store.

As for Ulysses? We’ve got a lot in store (no pun) for it, but we’ll first need to sort out that review mess before announcing anything. So let’s just hope (again) that it all works out in the end. And quickly.

So, where do we go from here? Diversity, no focus, or iOS-only maybe? Nope. In fact, we’re more focused than ever, determined to also release apps in smaller steps, smaller packages, and as soon as we see fit. That’s instead of refining, revising and over-polishing for years until we get bored and tuck the code away.

Great times ahead.
Have fun.

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