Ulysses on the Mac App Store (now live and in living color)

Ulysses Mac App Store

Ok, it’s gone live about an hour ago. HURRAH! :)

Here’s a quick Q&A session which should cover all the basics; questions, fears, dunno. It will be updated once we get more feedback. A more thorough post regarding overall direction (with strong focus on all things Ulysses) will be up sometime tomorrow.

Will the Mac App Store be the only way to purchase Ulysses from now on? Yes, we’re going App Store exclusive.

Woah! Yeah.

I see Ulysses Core is gone. What gives? Will you put this on the App Store also? No. Starting today, Ulysses Core is no longer available for purchase, nor will it be made available on the App Store. The main reason Core existed was to offer a cheaper alternative for those who wouldn’t use some of Ulysses’ advanced features. However, we’ve now priced Ulysses so that this reason has become obsolete.

Darn, i just wanted to upgrade my license form Ulysses 1.x/Core/Edu to Ulysses 2.0 Standard!!! We’ve set the pricing of Ulysses on the Mac App Store to allow just that. In fact, it’s pretty much the same price you would’ve paid for an update before. And it’s the full version now. So… go grab it, already!

If I purchased Ulysses pre-App Store… will I still get updates? Yes. Auto-update will take care of any installed version 2.x, be it Standard, Edu or Core. (And no, that’s not a hint at 3.0 coming anytime soon, please don’t worry.)

Do I need to switch to the App Store version? Am I missing out on something if I don’t, will I be 2nd class citizen, help… No, no, no and no. No need to switch to the App Store version, especially if you’re fine with your current install (and who isn’t, he).

Let’s say I own a standard licence of Ulysses 2.0 and just want to switch to the App Store version. Do you offer any cross-grade pricing options, promotional rebates, anything? Not yet.

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  2. Oleg Melnychuk says:

    Hi there!

    I was going to buy Ulysses, but then heard that your new version is about to be released, Daedalus. So I’m wondering: will I need to pay money for an upgrade then as well? Or will it be a free, 2.x release? Or if not, will there be a free upgrade for new Mac AppStore users, which some developers often do?


  3. Marcus says:

    Oh, Deadalus and Ulysses are two completely different applications. Ulysses is a Mac app, and Daedalus will be an iPad app. The two have almost nothing in common; Daedalus is *not* “Ulysses on iPad”, and *not* “Ulysses 3.0″.

    Hope this answers your question and helps you decide on your purchase. :)

  4. Oleg Melnychuk says:

    Thanks for your answer, Marcus! Yes, it does answer my question :) And congrats on finally getting to the AppStore!

  5. Niklas says:

    Yes, congratulations, I wish you the best of luck with this move.

    … I would have reviewed/rated it but it doesn’t recognize my already installed version of U. :(

    • Marcus says:

      Yeah, the App Store handles old installs as different apps altogether. But, uhm… does it say “installed” on the App Store page, or does it show a price?

      • Lane says:

        Hi Marcus,

        I have the latest Ulysses installed and the app store lists a price. It is not recognizing that I have it installed. I think this is the feedback you are looking for?



      • Max Seelemann says:

        2.0.5 (to be released the next days) will fix this.

      • Marcus says:

        @Max: We shouldn’t fix this, because it isn’t broken. We’re one of the few who did it right. As long as you have not bought it from the App Store, it should display a price. “Installed” should only show for App Store purchases.

      • Niklas says:

        @Marcus: I don’t know what the right thing is, but even Apple does this. The Apple applications I have show up as “installed” in AppStore even though they were purchased long before the app store.
        And as far as I can see, this is the right thing (an equivalent version is installed), even if it may not be according to the rules.
        So why is it important to follow the rules in this case, I mean who has anything to gain by it? IMO, you only create a bit of confusion (people may think that there is a newer version released and that they need to upgrade), but at no gain.

      • Marcus says:

        @Niklas But how do you even know that an “equivalent” version is installed? And how do you purchase the App Store version, if it says “installed”?

        Because there are of course benefits in the App Store version – the way it updates, the license (as many systems as you own), the portability (buy new system, have one place to dl your apps)…

        E.g., I’m inclined to update some of my apps to the App Store version, especially if they should do some sort of SALE OMGZ!!!, but as it stands I don’t even know how to buy these apps, because the button is inactive. Can’t even check their price.

        As for user confusion: As it stands, most users seem to think that “installed” means “will update through the App Store”, which, sadly, won’t be the case.

      • Niklas says:

        Ah well, nothing is ever easy …
        I guess it will be a passing problem anyway, as you now only sell through the app store.
        I just wanted to give it a five star rating and a rave review …

        Cheers, Niklas

      • Marcus says:

        @Niklas: I hope I didn’t come across harsh or such. Was not my intention. I wish Apple would handle this differently, I really do. E.g. I wish we could hand out codes to existing customers, maybe even for a small handling fee, say a dollar or two.

        And tthanks for your support, much appreciated. :)

      • Niklas says:

        No worries Marcus :-)

  6. GaborToth says:

    It shows a price.

    Btw, what will happen to the free licenses given to e.g. localizers like myself?

  7. GaborToth says:

    And huge congratz on finally making it to the App Store! Well done! :-)

  8. Cady says:

    Major congrats, Ulysses guys! Reading this blog, I know how important this is to you! :) So, yaaaay!

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