Ulysses AppDate 60% off [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Our AppDate Sale is now over. Thanks everybody, and “Hi” to all the newcomers. :)

We usually don’t do this, and if you’re a long-time customer, you know we don’t: Super-bargain-hardcore-dump-style-pricing to sell volume. And we still don’t. Still don’t.

Even though today we’re offering Ulysses 2 at the super-bargain-hardcore-dump-style-price of $11.99 aka 9,99 € aka £6.99. That’s right: February 19th, AppDate, 24 hour SUPER SALE on the Mac App Store.

And why, you ask? Because we love you.

That’s right. We love you. And because we do, we want to give you the chance to switch your current, non-App Store installation, over to the App Store variant. At a bargain price. And why would you do that? Because the App Store rocks. It’s good for you. No more house keeping of registration data, no more bookmarks checking for .dmg downloads upon new system installs, no more update-panel nagging upon application launch.

Just one place for all your apps.

So, 11.99, 9,99, 6.99, depending on where you’re at, for a full-fledged, no strings attached standard App Store license of Ulysses 2. If you’re a user of 1.6 (you rare beast, you), or if you’re a core user or educational licensee — this is your chance to update to Ulysses standard at a fraction of the former update fee.

If you’re a new user, consider yourself lucky, and go’n'grab that app already and have some fun typing your fingers bloody.

Current 2.0 standard licensees: We’ll still support 2.x, of course, regardless of variant, App Store or not. As a matter of fact, we’ve just released 2.0.5 (you noticed, right?), and 2.1 is just around the corner, so you might as well stay with your standard install and lose nothing, nothing at all. It’s just a chance to migrate cheaply, if you so wish.

This offer will end sometime during the course of sunday, so it’s no STRICT 24-hour-sale either, you should have plenty of time to make up your mind. Just don’t get too careless, because we won’t help with “5 minutes late” requests as we can’t help with “just bought for 23,99!!! REFUND!!!” rants.

Also, this is a one-time offer. Today only. No replays.

Now go and tell your neighbours.

8 Responses to “Ulysses AppDate 60% off [UPDATE]”

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  2. Flex says:

    Awesome offer.
    I don’t think I will take it up, though. There’s a kind of sentimental attachement to running the regular/old version that I bought for 45€.

    If you don’t stop updating the regular version or somesuch, I’ll just wait for 3.0 to switch to the AppStore version.

    • Marcus says:

      Nah, don’t fear. We just want to consolidate versions a bit, mainly to get old 1.6 users and edu/core users to the standard license, which now just happens to be on the App Store.

      However, some 2.0ers have already written in to let us know they’ve switched, so it seems to work out just the way we intended. Come monday, pretty much everybody will have the variant they’re most happy with, and that’s all we wanted to achieve with the AppDate.

      As for updates: 2.1 is just around the corner and should be ready sometime in March via auto-update. Probably late March. ;)

  3. Grobi says:

    Just to make sure, I got that right:
    If I migrate to the App-Store-Version right now, I’ll get the 3.0 for free, because Apple doesn’t allow you to charge for an update (hehe :-) )
    If I stick to the old version, I’ll get all v.2.* for free and have to buy 3.0 for the regular price?

    In that case – sounds like a fair offer!

    • Marcus says:

      Uhm, no. If you migrate to the App Store version, all you get is.. well, the App Store version: Simple install process, 2.x-updates through the App Store, standard App Store license (instead of our old 3-seat or 2-seat/edu license), no more registration code, you can rant on our App Store page or give 5-stars, etc.

      3.0 will most likely be a completely new, stand-alone version, no upgrade-path at all. Think iWork/iLife. So if you want to get 3.0, once it’s here, which is, quite frankly, not in the very near future, you’ll have to pay whether you are on the old or the App Store version…

  4. Rene says:

    Good show, guys!

    I already switched to the App Store version at the original price (no problem, it was already a great price — take the price difference to your local and grab a few beers tonight ;-)).

    Anyway — have great sales this weekend!

  5. Marcus Speh says:

    i just switched from 2.0.4 after the regular update didn’t work out for me (something was “not signed”) and it was easier for me to follow your instructions to the app store and spend the 10€. i don’t even feel bad because i wanted to find out about the app-ness anyway. ulysses started fine for me and i’m working away with little interruption on a project that i probably wouldn’t be able to finish as timely and with this little hassle if i didn’t have ulysses. also, for a writer it is absolutely lovely (in a nostalgic, irrelevant way, admittedly) to be able to start his/her writing day by clicking on “ulysses”. delighted.

    • Marcus says:

      Hey, glad you like it. So thanks and sorry for the hassle re: update. Definitely not our intention, i.e. there’s no secret code in the update that kills the standard install to force users to the App Store. But… here’s… an… i… d… e… a. ;)

      Just joking.