AppDate over. Time to move on.


Italy showed some serious Ulysses love this weekend, even pushing Apple’s iWork suite off the top spot in the Productivity charts. Yay!

We’ve reset Ulysses’ price on the Mac App Store to $29.99, so AppDate is officially over now. We’re glad so many people took the chance to grab our little app this weekend, be it old users, new customers or just deal hunters.

In turn, Ulysses managed to grab top-10 spots all over the world, which is even more remarkable given the fact that we had close to zero press coverage… for whatever reason. Twitter proved to be a great source for mouth-to-mouth recommendation, so thanks everybody who retweeted and spread the word.

We now hope everybody has a version they feel comfortable with, so that we can focus on more important things than App Store yes/no/why/etc.; from now on, we’ll just assume the switch complete and move on. :)

There’s lots of upcoming news — Ulysses 2.1, Daedalus, HouseParty, Kids’Player+ –, so wheather you’ve been following us for the past couple of years or only just arrived at our playground: Hi there! These are exiting times.

Have fun!

One Response to “AppDate over. Time to move on.”

  1. Felis says:

    Too bad(?) that I have purchased the app way earlier than the appDate with original price. Still, Love Ulysses! Hope you guys have more awesome improvement on the 2.1 version.

    A little note, I’m using Ulysses combined with Dropbox on couple machines (Thanks for the iTunes’ 5 devices policy :D ). Hope you guys can make the preferences and setting more portable – especially font/style (I write mostly in Chinese, these kind of settings are really big deal, for me at least) – can suitable for multiple devices.