Updated Ulysses Screencasts

Some of you may have already noticed: We re-recorded all of our current screencasts for Ulysses, and also did minor updates to a couple of them in the process.

English versions are online *now*, with German and French to follow during the next few weeks. Recordings for these are already done, but we still need to localize the slides and such, so bear with us if you’re a native speaker… (we hand picked nice voices for you, too)

Now… originally I had planned to do a serious rant against anonymous forum commenters and the like, who attacked us for having a German accent in our old videos. But there are more important things to write about, and these folks are not worth spending time on anyway.

Just one thing, though: We ship with a dozen or so FULL localizations of Ulysses. We’ll be adding Japanese to the mix with 2.1, along with one or two more languages that I can’t even remember. We’re trying to make sure that native speakers have a fully integrated experience with Ulysses on their system, because we believe that a truly “distraction free writing environment” is impossible to achieve with a language barrier in place.

And these guys bitch about some accent in an explanatory video.

Ts, the internets.

PS: 720p Youtube versions available also.

2 Responses to “Updated Ulysses Screencasts”

  1. Mark says:

    The sound levels need to be adjusted. They are WAY to low. I don’t remember the previous videos being this difficult to hear.

    • goetz says:

      While they are less loud than the last version, I had no problems listening to the screencasts on Youtube on my MacBook.