[UPDATE] Daedalus (kind of) private beta

Update: Beta application closed, enough testers on board. We’ll send out how-tos at the end of the week. Thanks everybody for your interest. :)

We’re pretty excited, to say the least, to finally (no, really) announce the more or less private beta program for Daedalus touch. If you’re in possession of one of Apple’s larger touchscreen devices and are interested in getting your hands on our latest creation, plus if you’re not afraid of crashes and quirks and maybe even have a Dropbox account and/or are a MobileMe user — head on over to the private beta application form, fill it out and… get in!

We’ll then get back to you later this week with instructions on how to obtain the beta and such.

A note on the “private” in this beta: Given the current App Store limitations, we can only have a small number of beta participants. So while the form is currently open to everybody (no invites or such), we’ll close it once we’ve reached a certain number of applicants. We’ll also try to ensure device parity, so that we get an evenly distributed amount of iPad 1 and iPad 2 users, so your chances are… dunno what your chances are, to be honest. ;)

Whatever, have fun.

One Response to “[UPDATE] Daedalus (kind of) private beta”

  1. Brian Dee says:

    If I don’t make it into the beta, I’m really looking forward to more info and screenshots. iPad really needs a killer writing app. I think you guys are on track.