UPDATE: This is really hard… [Daedalus Touch]

This is soooooo very embarrassing…

UPDATE: Version 1.0.2 has been approved by Apple and should already be on the App Store. Big, big thanks to the review team for the speedy turnaround.

This post should’ve been a celebration. Instead it’s a warning: For the time being, please *DON’T* download Daedalus Touch from the iTunes App Store.

Yeah, it’s released, and yeah, we’re quite happy, but we have identified a severe bug which causes the app to crash. If you have 1.0 installed, please refrain from updating to 1.0.1 and wait till the next update is approved by Apple.

We’re awfully sorry and are banging our heads on various tables. If you’re affected by this bug, please accept our apologies and be assured that we’re trying everything we can to get a fully-funtional version up again.

Thanks for your patience and ongoing support.

PS: For up-to-date news and infos, please follow us on Twitter. It’s the first place where we’ll announce updates.

2 Responses to “UPDATE: This is really hard… [Daedalus Touch]”

  1. thomas says:

    Hi, I use daedalus ipad app and I hope you can integrate easytext app, because TextExpander costs 5 dollars and it’s too expensive while easytext is free. Thank you.

    The app link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id433107906?mt=8