Officially announcing Ulysses 2.1 and Daedalus Touch 1.1


in case you haven’t been following our Twitter account, we hereby announce Ulysses 2.1 for Mac OS X and Daedalus Touch 1.1 for iPad. While the latter should be ready for App Store submission sometime this week, the former won’t see the light of day until mid-August. Fingers crossed.

So… what will be in?

Ulysses 2.1: First off, this will be a unified, simultaneous release via both Mac App Store and Sparkle. There has been some confusion recently, as to whether we’re still committed to pre-App Store customers, and of course we are, and this release should squash all quibbles. Or whatever.

2.1 will primarily see fixes, new localizations (e.g. Japanese) and some stuff for Mac OS X 10.7 aka Lion. Feature-wise, you won’t see anything substantially new except for the final version of our HTML/ePub exporter. This alone will propel Ulysses to a whole new level, and we thus advance its version number on a .x-level.

Continuing the myth busting, work is already well underway for the next version of Ulysses. In fact, work started about half a year ago. We are not (NO!!) abandoning Ulysses for Daedalus Touch, even if you’ve heard or suspected otherwise.

Speaking of Daedalus Touch: We’re currently beta testing Version 1.1 and are confident to make an App Store submission later this week. We’ve incorporated lots of user feedback, as well as stuff that didn’t make it into the initial release. For example, you’ll have access to an additional keyboard row, which lets you enter hard to reach special characters. This is optional, of course, but we believe to “have nailed it” here, with a wonderful blend of flexibility and functionality and generally just great awesomeness. Yeah.

We’ve also added a “Large Type” setting for those who didn’t like the standard font size, and we added a fourth color scheme to please those of you who like their editor funky.

Then there’s a whole slew of new and improved import/export/sync stuff. First, you can now print from within Daedalus. Second, you can now output PDF. You can now also send TXT, PDF and ZIP files to installed apps that support said file types. Last not least, we’ll now treat sheets which have empty titles as appendices to previous sheets. So yup, you can now have a single article spread across several sheets and still mail/export it as a single, continuous file. Small stuff, huge impact.

Syncing has been rewritten in part, allowing arbitrary sync folders (per stack) as well as automatic checking of sync status upon app activation. Meaning that we now check Dropbox/MobileMe for changes whenever you switch to Daedalus. We’ve also added icon badge notifications for dirty stacks.

Once 1.1 is released, we’ll up its price to $5.99 — so if you’re hunting for bargains, now’s the time to set your aim and push that button.

Have fun,

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  1. Flex says:

    Does 2.0.5 work with Lion?