Treat yourself to some Daedalus Touch teaser trailers

In case you missed these on Twitter, and as a filler for these hot summer days of stone-cold impatience: We tinkered-ly rush-produced three teaser trailers for Daedalus Touch 1.1 — yeah, had some childish fun in iMovie. You can also check them out on Youtube.

#1: “Whatthe?!?”
#2: “Wanna!”
#3: “Work!”

Youtube Channel: soulmentv

As for release date, timing, etc.: We’re currently waiting for the final pieces of localization to come in, which we then need to double-check, and after that we can finally submit to Apple. Sorry for the delay, we’re as eagerly awaiting release as you do, trust me.


4 Responses to “Treat yourself to some Daedalus Touch teaser trailers”

  1. Niklas says:

    Looks very interesting. I am really looking forward to this!
    By the way, I’v tested out Daedalus quite hard during the last weak, and it actually worked better than I thought. Once I came to grips with the soft keyboard I could write away quite fluently. It is a beautiful app.
    I’ve been working on parts of a larger ulysses project, and my biggest concern now is finding a strategy for keeping the U and D versions of the documents in sync, and minimizing the risk of accidentally overwriting stuff. I suspect quite a few of your users may use both these programs, and might share my desire of finding a way to make them play together.

    Keep it up, and best wishes, Niklas

  2. Marcus says:

    Thanks Niklas. :)

    Regarding Ulysses/Daedalus sync: This will happen by the end of the year; as a matter of fact, we’re aiming for NaNoWriMo, though there could still be pitfalls, as always.

    D1.1 and U2.1 won’t sync, however.

    • Niklas says:

      Thanks Marcus, I do realize that U/D sync may be quite complicated to implement (well), but I am very happy to hear that it is on it’s way!

      Now, I look forward to your more imminent updates.
      Best, Niklas

      • Marcus says:

        The main problem really (and still) lies within iOS’ text engine(s). We don’t want to go all out and code one ourselves, but would rather just use what’s provided by the system.

        Then there’s all this stuff with RTF notes, bookmarks and markers etc., plus our current system of open/closed documents, which makes it really hard to a) provide a full sync and b) avoid versioning hickups.

        Plus, with Daedalus we’re really trying to ditch the documents metaphor, while Ulysses always expects a title, or else it’s just “New Document”. And so on.

        We’re working on solutions to all of these problems, and we’re pretty confident to get a kick-ass sync later this year, but it takes time; Mac OS X and iOS radically changing this year didn’t help that much, either. ;)