For the brave: Ulysses 2.1 Beta (enhanced for Lion)

Short version: Download Ulysses 2.1 beta. Unpack the archive, launch the app. Enter your registration data or leave everything blank and just run it in trial mode. Test. Give feedback, if you happen to stumble across bugs. (No feature requests please.)

Long version: There is no long version. Just some release notes.

Release: If all goes as planned, we’ll push Ulysses 2.1 early next week through Sparkle and also submit it to the Mac App Store for review. It’s a free update, of course.

23 Responses to “For the brave: Ulysses 2.1 Beta (enhanced for Lion)”

  1. urbanbike says:

    I have the version 2.0.5 under SnowLeopard (not via AppStore)

  2. Götz says:

    It works. No flaws yet. Two fingers scrolling through the documents is really great (at first I thought it had crashed).

  3. Gábor Tóth says:

    No workie here, I’m stuck at the splash screen. The interface is loading and loading and loading … forever. Running the beta under 10.6.8.

  4. Greg Jones says:

    I’m liking the changes in 2.1, but I have found a visual glitch. Sometimes when I open another project while a project is open in full-screen mode, the tabs get hidden under the menu bar. Switching the view out of full-screen fixes the display. Screen shot linked below:

    • Marcus says:

      That’s not the menu bar. It’s the toolbar, so it *could* be that your mouse cursor is still at the top of the screen… Please report back. :)

      • Greg Jones says:

        My mistake-yes, it is the toolbar.

        I believe the cursor was not at the top of the screen, as I had to move the cursor to make the screenshot selection. I do see the following errors reported in the Console yesterday, and they do not appear today. Could this be related?

        Ulysses: -[NSNull isEqualToString:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xad282100

        Ulysses: An uncaught exception was raised
        Ulysses: parentForItemsInColumn: is not supported for browsers with matrix delegates.

        In any event, I am not able to reproduce the behavior today, nor do I see anything reported to the Console. I’ll report again if I see anything strange.

  5. Niklas says:

    Seems to work fine, so far…

    When you have “Show scroll bars” set to “Always” in the System Prefs, the scroll bar in console mode gets really ugly (at least with a dark theme).

    Is there any changelog available somewhere? Would be nice to know where to look for new features to test.

    Oh, I just noticed a cool thing when doing a four finger down gesture (I believe it is what they call “App exposé). A very clever little invention to make use of this gesture, as the normal app exposé wouldn’t make much sense in a one-window app anyway.

    Cheers, Niklas

  6. Greg Jones says:

    Another observation-most apps that go fullscreen in Lion use Control-Command-F to toggle fullscreen. Just curious if Ulysses should change its fullscreen shortcut (add the command key) as well?

    • Marcus says:

      Thanks for bringing this up. :)

      I guess the option should also go into the View menu and be labelled “Enter Full Screen” — seems we need to either go against Apple here or slightly annoy existing users.

      We’ll think about it.

      • Niklas says:

        My take, as an existing user, is that it is probably better long term to go with Apple. I think you will risk annoying more people by keeping your present short cut that is different from other apps.

        I can adapt, I think :-)

  7. Gábor Tóth says:

    This is just to thank you guys for fixing the interface loading issue that I reported above. Everything works now.


  8. sasha says:


    Nice update, many thanks!

    One question: where is the button which used to open the drop down window with the bookmarks and / or split screen (was on the upper right side of the editor)?


  9. Greg Jones says:

    I suppose that I should have asked this question before converting some 2.0 projects to the 2.1 format, but I never thought to ask until now. I’ve purchased Ulysses through the MAS and am running the 2.1 beta with the trial limitation. What happens at the end of the trial period if 2.1 has not yet been released in the MAS? Will our projects be orphaned until the new release appears in the MAS?

    • Max Seelemann says:

      If everything goes well and as we expect, the update should be available before the 20 days run out :)
      If not … erm … we got to think about it ;)