Like living on the cutting edge? Here’s Ulysses 2.1rc.

Alright, so here’s the version we’d love to submit to Apple. Which is also the version all our non-MAS customers will get via Sparkle. So please have a go, give it a shot, we’ve changed quite some bits from the last beta.

Download Ulysses 2.1rc

Changelog 2.1b
Changelog 2.1b › 2.1b2
Changelog 2.1b2 › 2.1rc

As a reminder: We’ll submit to Apple and push the update via Sparkle simultaneously. This means that non-MAS users will get their hands on 2.1 a bit earlier than MAS customers. It also means that in case of App Store rejection (you never know, you know), MAS users will have to wait even longer and we’ll have to add another .1 in order to keep both versions in sync.

So, please, if you’ve purchased Ulysses on the App Sore, don’t go out and rate us down (or whatever) just because your version is not the same as what might turn up on MacUpdate or some other site we can’t influence. Ok? Deal?

Nice, thanks. :)

Oh, and before we forget: We need some really tough guys and gals to help test with some really cutting edge stuff regarding the Mac App Store version and some super-secret NDA-features. You don’t even need to have bought it on the MAS to help, you just need Mac OS X Lion. Anybody?


9 Responses to “Like living on the cutting edge? Here’s Ulysses 2.1rc.”

  1. Flex says:

    Sure, I’ll help.

  2. Niklas says:

    And I’d love to help out too.

  3. Joakim says:

    …As would I.

  4. Marcus says:

    Alright, thanks y’all. Mails have been sent. :)
    If all participate, this should be enough, so no more sign-ups, please.

  5. mike says:

    Launching the app (OSX 10.6.8) gives a scary warning that it will change format of project (which project???) to 2.1. It would help a great deal if it gave the name of the file in question. The “Cancel” button seems to do no good. Had to force-quit. I can only guess it was opening all of the .ulys files on my drive, or auto-opening my most-recently-used file.

    I would prefer that it gave a choice file-by-file, or better yet gave the option to nondestructively copy the file and create a new one in the new format.

    When I clicked on the file in the finder and opened with the new Ulysses, it went fine and just reformatted the one file.

    I shall archive all of my precious .ulys files and push ahead.

  6. Mike says:

    Sign me up! Keen to help out…

  7. Greg Jones says:

    I’d be interested in helping with the NDA beta as well, running Lion and the MAS version here.


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