Ulysses 2.1 released via Sparkle (aka non-App Store)

Title says it all. :)
App Store version is waiting for review; fingers crossed that it will see release within the week.

One thing worth noting: We’ve merged Ulysses core and Ulysses standard with this version. So all core users who install the update, will have the full version afterwards. No extra cost, of course.

Oh, and Ulysses 2.1 requires an Intel Mac running at least OS X 10.6. So if you happen to run PPC/10.5 or such, you might not see the update. Just so you know.

Have fun everybody, and thanks a lot for your patience.

PS: Our website still features 2.0, since that’s what’s currently available on the Mac App Store. We will update the site as soon as we get approved…

4 Responses to “Ulysses 2.1 released via Sparkle (aka non-App Store)”

  1. Gábor Tóth says:

    W00000000t! :-)

  2. urbanbike says:

    Dans combien de temps cette 2.1.1…?? Just a question :-)

  3. Stuart says:

    Apologies if this has already been covered.
    If I wish to reinstall version 2 – pre app store, is this still possible? If new versions are to be released on the app store in future is the expectation that this application is re-purchased or is there a way to have the license transferred?

    • dirk says:

      You can download previous versions of Ulysses from our downloads page. All 2.x updates will be available from the AppStore as well as via the internal updater for previous customers as free updates for 2.x customers. A license transfer to the AppStore is unfortunately not possible.