The end is nigh… stay with us.

I know, I know, this post should’ve been titled “It’s been nine years! Pt. 3″, but what’s in a title, right? And let’s be honest: Where’s the fun in serving expectations?

So there you go. A sneak peak into the future of Ulysses. We’re excited beyond words, so I’ll stop right here and just invite you to come join us on the next episode of our fantastic journey.

Some links to go with that video: (Ulysses 3 devblog) (Vimeo version) (YouTube version)


9 Responses to “Showtime!”

  1. Joakim says:

    Excellent news! Your teaser made me excited beyond words.

  2. Dan Schultz says:

    Looking forward to it! Out of curiosity do you know if this will be a free upgrade for 2.1 owners? I assume not but thought I would ask :)

  3. Jorge says:

    Just two short questions, will Ulysses 2 keep updated for the new OSX releases? When should we expect Ulysses 3 to be released? The interface looks amazing, by the way.

    • Marcus Fehn says:

      Thanks. :)

      And yup, we’ll try and keep Ulysses 2 around for as long as we can, and for as long as it makes sense. Luckily, we’ve already sandboxed the app, so we should be good for a rather long time.

      If something along these lines happens in a future OS release, though, we can’t make any promises as to whether we’ll update Ulysses 2 to comply with Apple’s guidelines.

      As for an expected release: No comment, sorry.

  4. RJ says:

    Will we ever be able to edit Ulysses 2.x project documents on iOS?

    • Marcus Fehn says:

      Sadly, no. There’s just no way to get all the data over to iOS, let alone to create a sane way to sync.

      • RJ says:

        Okay. That’s what I figured. I love Ulysses 2, but that is one thing that is missing. I’m sure Ulysses 3 will be just as awesome(er?) and I read on the devblog it will be compatible with iOS. Looking forward to it.