The state of this blog

Published/Drafts ration: Meh.
Ridiculous published/draft ratio (non-focus not a pun, but sorry)

Hot off the heels of this forum post comes this very blog post with pretty much the same base notion but different… different… aw, whatever.

Thing is, we’re currently re-structuring large parts of our web presence. We’re switching from our current “all in one” approach to a more decentralized setting, with each app getting its own, custom-built site and development blog.

These blogs will purely focus on development and release information for their respective apps. We feel that this will far better suit us, the apps, and ultimately the users.

Also, this blog here was some sort of all-and-nothing. We never really managed to bring it into focus: It was a company outlet, a news-board, and we never got around to add a personal touch. We didn’t rant much, we didn’t discuss broader development issues, we didn’t discuss application design apart from our own apps.

This sucks, and we know it, so we’ll be closing it down within the next couple of weeks.

As for personal touch… we’ve got something cooking, but in the meantime you might just follow us on Twitter: Max @macguru17, Marcus @the_soulmen, Friedrich @hdrxs, see ya!

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