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Updated Ulysses Screencasts

April 8th, 2011

Some of you may have already noticed: We re-recorded all of our current screencasts for Ulysses, and also did minor updates to a couple of them in the process.

English versions are online *now*, with German and French to follow during the next few weeks. Recordings for these are already done, but we still need to localize the slides and such, so bear with us if you’re a native speaker… (we hand picked nice voices for you, too)

Now… originally I had planned to do a serious rant against anonymous forum commenters and the like, who attacked us for having a German accent in our old videos. But there are more important things to write about, and these folks are not worth spending time on anyway.

Just one thing, though: We ship with a dozen or so FULL localizations of Ulysses. We’ll be adding Japanese to the mix with 2.1, along with one or two more languages that I can’t even remember. We’re trying to make sure that native speakers have a fully integrated experience with Ulysses on their system, because we believe that a truly “distraction free writing environment” is impossible to achieve with a language barrier in place.

And these guys bitch about some accent in an explanatory video.

Ts, the internets.

PS: 720p Youtube versions available also.

AppDate over. Time to move on.

February 21st, 2011


Italy showed some serious Ulysses love this weekend, even pushing Apple’s iWork suite off the top spot in the Productivity charts. Yay!

We’ve reset Ulysses’ price on the Mac App Store to $29.99, so AppDate is officially over now. We’re glad so many people took the chance to grab our little app this weekend, be it old users, new customers or just deal hunters.

In turn, Ulysses managed to grab top-10 spots all over the world, which is even more remarkable given the fact that we had close to zero press coverage… for whatever reason. Twitter proved to be a great source for mouth-to-mouth recommendation, so thanks everybody who retweeted and spread the word.

We now hope everybody has a version they feel comfortable with, so that we can focus on more important things than App Store yes/no/why/etc.; from now on, we’ll just assume the switch complete and move on. :)

There’s lots of upcoming news — Ulysses 2.1, Daedalus, HouseParty, Kids’Player+ –, so wheather you’ve been following us for the past couple of years or only just arrived at our playground: Hi there! These are exiting times.

Have fun!

Some more in-depth info about Ulysses and the Mac App Store

January 28th, 2011

Yesterday, Ulysses was released to the Mac App Store. We’ve set up a quick Q&A over here, which should address the most basic questions and concerns regarding this event.

In *this* post, I’ll go a bit more in-depth on some of our decisions.

1) App Store Exclusive? Really?
Yeah. We thought long and hard about this, and decided to commit ourselves fully to the App Store. There are some rough edges here and there, but we see this move as highly beneficial for both us and our users.

For one, we can close our own shop and cut all connections with third-party payment services. Everything will be handled in one place, so there’s a whole lot less to worry about, a lot less maintenance.

We won’t need to worry about distribution, installing, licensing, copy protection anymore. We can now send users to the App Store, and it’s all handled from there, so there’re less chances of messing things up on our side, and less hassle on the user’s side.

The App Store review process, painful and slow as it may be, actually injects another layer of quality management to our already rather high standard. It’s not that we won’t beta-test anymore, but it’s nice to have an independent entity (*g*) double-check for us.

In the future (long-term, really) we can fully focus on one version — the App Store version. We have not announced nor are we planning to release it anytime soon, but IF Ulysses 3.0 sees the light of day, we won’t keep two seperate builds alive. This mostly concerns update- and licensing-systems, but still.

Also, we can’t shake the feeling that the App Store will be the only way to distribute apps on Mac OS X in the long run. This has been on the horizon for some time, and whether you or we like it or not, it’s going to happen. So we might as well jump on the bandwaggon early, roll with it, and gain experience in the process.


Re: Ulysses@MacAppStore

January 5th, 2011

Ulysses Mac App Store NOT

Find the mistake… (apart from the 5-star rating, haha)

Just a quick heads up regarding Ulysses and the Mac App Store: Tomorrow, Apple will introduce its new online store for Mac apps. As of today, Ulysses is still “in review”.

We’re “in review” for well over 6 weeks now, and it seems as if we’re going to miss the grand opening.

The worst case happened here, and I just can’t tell you how I feel right now. It’s a mixture of sadness and anger and, yes — despair. We lost two months of work on Daedalus because of Ulysses’ App Store preparations; making it conform with the guidelines, switching the license scheme, update mechanism… and it cost us quite a bit of money, too (e.g. localization of app store description/new web pages).

That stuff’s not lost, of course, but right now I’d rather have a Daedalus beta ready than everything in place for the vague possibility of a soon-to-be-allowed place in the Mac App Store.

We also had a lot of stuff planned for tomorrow. News regarding pricing, distribution, update politics and product portfolio — but now it’s the 5th of January, 9:35 PM already, and we haven’t heard a single word from Apple.

So I doubt we’ll make it.

Needless to say, as of today we can’t estimate the implications this development will have for us, for Ulysses, for you, our customers. It’s just a very, very sad day over here, and I stop here before I get carried away.

Have fun.

PS: The guys over at Realmac have a nice blog post up that pretty much resembles a draft I have on my machine. Go read it, as I won’t publish mine for quite some time it seems…

Some stuff I’m working on…

September 29th, 2010

Styles menu Daedalus touch

Messing around with UIMenuController.

Tapping on “Style…” would bring up several styling options for the selected text. Either plain RTF styles, such as “bold/italic/underline”, or semantic styles such as “emphasize”. It could also host text insertions; think of tags, which would be inserted before/after the selection.

These options could either be shown in the current menu (replacing cut/copy/paste/etc.) or in a larger popover which still points to the selection. The first option being much more direct, if pretty limited. The second option could hold more options and could go WYSIWYG on the selection. It could even hold the basic format palette of B/U/I, text alignment, lists/intendation. It might break in landscape, though, and the initial menu might get awfully long in certain languages.

Other caveats/questions: Would it act as a switch (undo “bold” when already bold), would it be fixed styles (or would the user need to customize the available options), would it work on a selection of zero (just the insertion point), would it allow paragraph-based styling (headline) and so on.

But I like the idea, as it would allow text manipulation without having a button bar visible. It would also be much more direct: manipulations would happen in visible context and would thus be seperate from nav-bar buttons (which might then only manipulate global options such as view, spell-check on/off etc.). Dunno, but it could well hold a basic set of markdown tags… hm.

Please note that this is filed under Research & Development, so don’t expect to find it in any shipping product. :)

September 24th, 2010

We’ve just launched a dedicated teaser site for all things Daedalus: — not much to see yet, except for the app’s icon. If you can spot it, he.

We’ve also set up a dedicated forum, where we’ll try and answer all pending questions.

The Issue with Ulysses and the iPad

May 29th, 2010

Compared to our measurements, we have received like a zillion inquiries lately that asked us when an iPad version of Ulysses will be available. First things first, here’s the answer: We have no clue…

This does not sound too promising, I guess, but let me explain. We are having major technical and/or legal problems. All of Ulysses can easily be realized on the iPhone — except one part: Ulysses’ heart. Semantic text editing.


XMAS Sale, 20% off

December 21st, 2009

Just a quick note: We’re currently doing a christmas sale. By entering “XMAS” into our shop’s coupon field, you can grab any of Ulysses licence types at a drastically reduced price:

  • Ulysses – 35.99
  • Ulysses edu – 27.99
  • Ulysses core – 19.99

That’s it, nothing else to add.
Oh, well… Merry Christmas everybody. :)

Update: The christmas sale is over. Happy New Year everybody!

Forums down [update: not anymore]

September 19th, 2009

As some of may have noticed, the forums are currently down. We don’t know what happened, but it might have to do with us migrating some internal stuff to a new server. Or maybe it’s the weather.

EIther way, thank god it’s saturday, haha, so we’ll be back up and running in no time sometime later this weekend. I guess. Dunno, because I don’t even know what happened.

Stay with us.

UPDATE: Forums are back.

The Case of the Missing Serial Numbers (or Screw the Gmail Spam Filter)

September 4th, 2009

We’re currently experiencing a pretty hefty problem: A lot of customers are contacting us via email, saying they’re still waiting for the registration info to show up in their mailboxes.

Turns out 99% of them are using — which, plain and simple, is treating our registration email as spam.

Now, I find this rather curious, and to be honest, I’m angry as hell, but before I let my temper run amok, I’ll take a deep breath and just leave it at this. For now. It’s pretty obvious that Google have messed up their spam filter for good; just do a… haha… google search on gmail filtering legit mail, and you know which provider NOT to use for day-to-day correspondence.

I bet their confirmation mails still get through, but whatever.

Sooooooooo, if you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from us regarding your registration: Check your spam filter and go blame Google. You should do this more often anyway. Blaming Google, that is.