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Kids’Player gone free

October 26th, 2011

We’ve decided to offer Kids’Player free of charge. Probably was a bad idea to try and grab a couple of cents in the first place, but we wanted to experiment and see how something like this would fare.

Anyway, we haven’t updated the app since its release, even though we got some ideas we’ll be implementing once we find the time. But it’s still a nice little player for kids, especially for audio books and the like, or really anything where skipping sucks. Which of course means that it’s just as great for these famous concept albums you used to enjoy when you were a kid. ;)

Feel free to leave a review if you download and like it.


Kids’Player on iTunes App Store

February 9th, 2011

kids'player app store

As recently announced, we now also have our first iOS app in the wild.

It’s called “Kids’Player“, and I’d like to take a moment and explain the reasoning behind this app. Because I’ve already gotten a phone call in which the caller accused our app of being unusable… well, whaddayaknow?

Kids’Player has been in private beta testing for the last couple of months, with the test subjects being 2- to 4-year olds. It’s all good, these were private tests and no kids were harmed during the making of this app.


So we submitted our first iPhone App. Now what’s next?

January 26th, 2011


You’ll see this branding quite a lot this year. We hope.

We’ve just submitted our first iPhone app to the App Store: Kids’Player. It’s nothing spectacular, just a pretty minimal music player for a small, restricted audience, but still… it’s our first iOS submission, so break out the champagne. (yeah!)

If the review gods find nothing store-shattering, you’ll soon see a button on the product page which you might click (or tap) to rush and download the app for 99 cent apiece. It will make your kids happy, and turn us into insanely rich and famous people. No doubt. So fingers crossed and all, let’s just hope we didn’t infringe on some funny patent someplace or some such some-so some…what.

But wait, there’s more!


The Issue with Ulysses and the iPad

May 29th, 2010

Compared to our measurements, we have received like a zillion inquiries lately that asked us when an iPad version of Ulysses will be available. First things first, here’s the answer: We have no clue…

This does not sound too promising, I guess, but let me explain. We are having major technical and/or legal problems. All of Ulysses can easily be realized on the iPhone — except one part: Ulysses’ heart. Semantic text editing.


Progress Report: Semantic Editing on the iPhone via Ulysses Mobile

October 12th, 2009


iPhone Apps We Won’t Make, Pt. 1: The Good Vibe

October 11th, 2009

The Good Vibes iPhone App Concept

Today I was skimming through a bunch of iPhone mockups on my desktop and rediscovered some old app concepts. They’re mostly minimal in nature, and if we had the time and resources we would just code them up and try to release them on the App Store for free.

Well, we have neither, so I decided to share some of these ideas on this blog rather than trying to catch a new coder and convince him to create non-profit two-minute distractions. ;)

So here I go, first up: The Good Vibe.


Semantic Editing on the iPhone

September 16th, 2009

Ulysses Mobile Semantic Editing

The above is a screenshot of a recent build of Ulysses Mobile. The semantic editing depicted here works just as it does in the desktop version — paragraphs get colored automatically based on a prefix.

Problem: It’s a hack. So take it as a proof-of-concept.

We’re quite exited, however.
(it works! it works!)

Creating Ulysses Mobile

August 7th, 2009

Ulysses Mobile Concept iPhone

When I started work on Ulysses Mobile, I wanted to create a stand-alone writing application for the iPhone/iPod touch. It may have had basic compatibility features with its bigger desktop brother, but I didn’t think of a 1:1 port of Ulysses 2.0 to the small screen.

I wanted to create a writing application tailored to the iPhone, and not just an iPhone conversion of a desktop app.

Of course, I also thought it couldn’t be done anyway. Filters, multiple notes, projects, bookmarks, full-fledged semantic editing with markers and stuff — impossible. Add syncing to the mix alongside Ulysses’ (desktop) system of keeping open and saved versions of each document, and you have an untamable beast of complexity; and uselessness.

See, while I strongly believe people want to write larger texts on the iPhone, I also believe nobody wants to wade through 20 different screens just to annotate a certain part of a chapter on his ride home.


On Prototyping iPhone UI

February 9th, 2009

iPhone real size vs. screen dimensions

One thing to keep in mind when designing an interface for the iPhone: Physical size vs. pixel accuracy.

For the desktop, you can pretty much design an interface based on what you see in Photoshop. If you can barely position your cursor over a button, or if the text is too small to read at 100%, that element really is too small, mind you. If it works at 100%, however, it mostly works for everybody else, even for those crazy types with their 30″ screens.

For the iPhone, however, what you see in Photoshop is almost two times larger than what you will get on the actual device. And to make matter worse, not all fingers are as small, tiny and accurate as that black’n'white arrow pointer we all know and love.

In other words: That iPhone is one damn small device!


iPhone Premium Games?

January 30th, 2009

Slide to Play says, Apple will be opening up some sort of “Premium Area” in the Games’ section on the AppStore.

I’m not buying it (haha), but if it’s real, it’s certain to stir up some heated debate. After all, it wasn’t EA or Konami or SEGA who made the AppStore into what it is right now — it was the likes of Demiforce and ngcomo, IIRC…