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Some more in-depth info about Ulysses and the Mac App Store

January 28th, 2011

Yesterday, Ulysses was released to the Mac App Store. We’ve set up a quick Q&A over here, which should address the most basic questions and concerns regarding this event.

In *this* post, I’ll go a bit more in-depth on some of our decisions.

1) App Store Exclusive? Really?
Yeah. We thought long and hard about this, and decided to commit ourselves fully to the App Store. There are some rough edges here and there, but we see this move as highly beneficial for both us and our users.

For one, we can close our own shop and cut all connections with third-party payment services. Everything will be handled in one place, so there’s a whole lot less to worry about, a lot less maintenance.

We won’t need to worry about distribution, installing, licensing, copy protection anymore. We can now send users to the App Store, and it’s all handled from there, so there’re less chances of messing things up on our side, and less hassle on the user’s side.

The App Store review process, painful and slow as it may be, actually injects another layer of quality management to our already rather high standard. It’s not that we won’t beta-test anymore, but it’s nice to have an independent entity (*g*) double-check for us.

In the future (long-term, really) we can fully focus on one version — the App Store version. We have not announced nor are we planning to release it anytime soon, but IF Ulysses 3.0 sees the light of day, we won’t keep two seperate builds alive. This mostly concerns update- and licensing-systems, but still.

Also, we can’t shake the feeling that the App Store will be the only way to distribute apps on Mac OS X in the long run. This has been on the horizon for some time, and whether you or we like it or not, it’s going to happen. So we might as well jump on the bandwaggon early, roll with it, and gain experience in the process.


Ulysses on the Mac App Store (now live and in living color)

January 27th, 2011

Ulysses Mac App Store

Ok, it’s gone live about an hour ago. HURRAH! :)

Here’s a quick Q&A session which should cover all the basics; questions, fears, dunno. It will be updated once we get more feedback. A more thorough post regarding overall direction (with strong focus on all things Ulysses) will be up sometime tomorrow.

Will the Mac App Store be the only way to purchase Ulysses from now on? Yes, we’re going App Store exclusive.

Woah! Yeah.

I see Ulysses Core is gone. What gives? Will you put this on the App Store also? No. Starting today, Ulysses Core is no longer available for purchase, nor will it be made available on the App Store. The main reason Core existed was to offer a cheaper alternative for those who wouldn’t use some of Ulysses’ advanced features. However, we’ve now priced Ulysses so that this reason has become obsolete.

Darn, i just wanted to upgrade my license form Ulysses 1.x/Core/Edu to Ulysses 2.0 Standard!!! We’ve set the pricing of Ulysses on the Mac App Store to allow just that. In fact, it’s pretty much the same price you would’ve paid for an update before. And it’s the full version now. So… go grab it, already!

If I purchased Ulysses pre-App Store… will I still get updates? Yes. Auto-update will take care of any installed version 2.x, be it Standard, Edu or Core. (And no, that’s not a hint at 3.0 coming anytime soon, please don’t worry.)

Do I need to switch to the App Store version? Am I missing out on something if I don’t, will I be 2nd class citizen, help… No, no, no and no. No need to switch to the App Store version, especially if you’re fine with your current install (and who isn’t, he).

Let’s say I own a standard licence of Ulysses 2.0 and just want to switch to the App Store version. Do you offer any cross-grade pricing options, promotional rebates, anything? Not yet.

So we submitted our first iPhone App. Now what’s next?

January 26th, 2011


You’ll see this branding quite a lot this year. We hope.

We’ve just submitted our first iPhone app to the App Store: Kids’Player. It’s nothing spectacular, just a pretty minimal music player for a small, restricted audience, but still… it’s our first iOS submission, so break out the champagne. (yeah!)

If the review gods find nothing store-shattering, you’ll soon see a button on the product page which you might click (or tap) to rush and download the app for 99 cent apiece. It will make your kids happy, and turn us into insanely rich and famous people. No doubt. So fingers crossed and all, let’s just hope we didn’t infringe on some funny patent someplace or some such some-so some…what.

But wait, there’s more!


Ulysses going Mac App Store…

November 26th, 2010

Ulysses Mac App Store

Who would have thought that our first AppStore-App will be Ulysses?
Soon to be followed by Daedalus.

What else to say? We made it. Finally. Wish us luck!

Announcing Daedalus touch

August 30th, 2010

Daedalus Touch Text Editor for iPad

Today’s the day! We’re announcing a new project: Daedalus touch — a cutting-edge writing environment for the iPad.

“Woah”, you say, “wait wait!!!”

Will it sync to Ulysses? No.
Will it have any desktop counterpart? No.
Will it, like… compete with Pages? We hope so, yes.
Will it allow embedding of photos? No.
Will it at least allow RTF? Hahaha, no, hehe.
Will it have semantic editing? No.
Will it have a fullscreen view? Uhm… sort of, yes. Or rather… no.
So it’s just a basic text editor, right? Right. But.
Will it have notepads and metadata? No.
Will it have folders, and collections and filters? Not… really.
Will it be a Wiki of some sorts, linking pages? No.
Then how will it be different from Notes? For starters: a legible font, no leather case.
And how will it compete with Pages? It’ll be for writers, not for designers.
And how will it be different from other text apps in the AppStore? A beautiful, clean and simple interface, specifically designed for the iPad.
That’s about it? No.
What’s that cutting-edge bit? You’ll see.
Anything else you want to share? Yeah.

After the AppStore/API desaster that was Ulysses mobile, we were close to giving up on iOS development, at least as far as text editors were concerned. That was until we got our hands on the iPad.

Skeptical at first, it quickly became clear that this is not just a “touchscreen-laptop without a keyboard”, but a true next-gen device, a class of its own. Not only in terms of tech specs, but more so in terms of philosophy and interaction — the whole experience.

For example, on the iPad we’re not watching movies on an LCD; we’re holding the movies in our hands. We’re no longer surfing the web; we’re touching it. It’s about direct manipulation and the removal of abstraction layers. And, of course, it’s about being permanetly connected, always online.

The iPad is a next-gen device, and Daedalus touch will be a true next-gen app. This is neither a port of existing Mac OS X software, nor are we shoehorning current desktop metaphors onto a touch-enabled interface.

From our perspective, “built from the ground up for iPad” should not mean “we used Xcode, Interface Builder, and targeted 1024×786″. Instead, it should mean we leveraged the iPad’s new and ground-breaking ways of interaction to create a product that would, or rather *could* not work on a different device.

And that it should rock.

And so we’re leveraging ALL of the iPad’s special features. And by “all” we do mean all. See, the gyrometer will control the insertion point and selection. GPS-enabled devices (iPad G3) will offer social network interaction with other Daedalus users in the vicinity.

Just joking.

But it will rock.
And we just can’t wait til you guys get your hands on this thing.

Any ETA? No. But it’s close.
Beta? Calm down, willya…

Ulysses on iAppsForStudents

August 17th, 2010

iAppsForStudents logo

The Soulmen take part in a great back to school sale at iAppsForStudents, which runs until September 1. So if you happen to be a student or work at an educational instution, you qualify not only for the regular educational discount, but also for this additional discount if you use the coupon code from the sale’s website.
This sale also includes lots of other great apps for the Mac, iPhone and iPad, so make sure to check them out before the promo ends!

ePub Export

August 5th, 2010

ePub Export

Here’s our second beta for the Web Export. We added a brand-new Template that allows you to export your Documents to the ePub format, which is the default format for iBooks, Apple’s eBook reader for the iPad and the iPhone. We also fixed some bugs in the user interface and the exporting algorithm along the way.
You can grab the new beta here.
Again, if you find any bug or want to request a feature: every kind of feedback is welcome. You can e-mail us, use the bug tracker or discuss the Web Export with fellow beta testers in the forum.


Update: We just uploaded an updated version of the Web Export, so in case you’ve already downloaded this Beta, please download it again and update the Exporter. Happy testing!

Update x2: If you already upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, the above exporter is broken. Instead, you can use the WebExport Beta for Lion.

Web Export Public Beta

May 7th, 2010

We finally have our public Beta for the Web Export ready and we’d like you to try it out yourself! The Web Export is pretty feature-complete, but since it’s a beta, some problems might show up. You can see this public beta as a glimpse at what will come in Ulysses 2.1 — the soon to be released update with lots of improvements around exporting.

To get the Web Export up and running, download it here. Every kind of feedback is very welcome — either via e-mail, in our forum or in our bug tracker.


A new Exporter for Ulysses!

April 16th, 2010

Screenshot WebExport

As you probably noticed, this blog has been pretty quiet lately. The last few months have been pretty busy for us Soulmen, some of us had to take some time off from Ulysses. Nonetheless, development of Ulysses is now going ahead at full speed and we’ll have a public beta of Ulysses’ sparkling new Web Export ready soon. This exporter has taken us quite a while, but we wanted to make it just perfect for all your blogging and publishing needs. Stay tuned!


Progress Report: Semantic Editing on the iPhone via Ulysses Mobile

October 12th, 2009