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Fixing the Snow Leopard issue…

November 20th, 2009

This is just a quick notifier that we just released Ulysses 2.0.4 and Ulysses core 2.0.4. Both versions bring some minor bug fixes, but also solve an issue we just recently understood completely. If you have the recent items on Snow Leopard deactivated (maybe also by accident), Ulysses now performs all projects saves correctly again!

Have a nice weekend, as so will I!

Progress Report: Semantic Editing on the iPhone via Ulysses Mobile

October 12th, 2009


iPhone Apps We Won’t Make, Pt. 1: The Good Vibe

October 11th, 2009

The Good Vibes iPhone App Concept

Today I was skimming through a bunch of iPhone mockups on my desktop and rediscovered some old app concepts. They’re mostly minimal in nature, and if we had the time and resources we would just code them up and try to release them on the App Store for free.

Well, we have neither, so I decided to share some of these ideas on this blog rather than trying to catch a new coder and convince him to create non-profit two-minute distractions. ;)

So here I go, first up: The Good Vibe.


Ulysses 2.0.3 Ulysses 2.0.3

October 4th, 2009

Ah, bad joke, but here’s the list of fixes and news in the latest version of Standard and Core and Standard and Core. Dang, sorry.

Semantic Editing on the iPhone

September 16th, 2009

Ulysses Mobile Semantic Editing

The above is a screenshot of a recent build of Ulysses Mobile. The semantic editing depicted here works just as it does in the desktop version — paragraphs get colored automatically based on a prefix.

Problem: It’s a hack. So take it as a proof-of-concept.

We’re quite exited, however.
(it works! it works!)

Ulysses 2.0.2 fixes Snow Leopard issues

September 15th, 2009

We have just released Ulysses 2.0.2 via the internal updater Sparkle. This update fixes a couple of smaller issues and bugs, many of them caused by Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard. We are also adding two more languages to Ulysses: Spanish and Norwegian — thanks to Victor M. Solano and Tellef Kvifte!

To get a detailed list of all changes, see the version history. You may directly download the new versions from here:

Update: I forgot to mention that this update also finally fixes the registration problems under Mac OS 10.4 Tiger.

Creating Ulysses Mobile

August 7th, 2009

Ulysses Mobile Concept iPhone

When I started work on Ulysses Mobile, I wanted to create a stand-alone writing application for the iPhone/iPod touch. It may have had basic compatibility features with its bigger desktop brother, but I didn’t think of a 1:1 port of Ulysses 2.0 to the small screen.

I wanted to create a writing application tailored to the iPhone, and not just an iPhone conversion of a desktop app.

Of course, I also thought it couldn’t be done anyway. Filters, multiple notes, projects, bookmarks, full-fledged semantic editing with markers and stuff — impossible. Add syncing to the mix alongside Ulysses’ (desktop) system of keeping open and saved versions of each document, and you have an untamable beast of complexity; and uselessness.

See, while I strongly believe people want to write larger texts on the iPhone, I also believe nobody wants to wade through 20 different screens just to annotate a certain part of a chapter on his ride home.


2.0 done and I am finished…

July 13th, 2009

Well, here we are. Ulysses 2.0 is finally out, and apart from a few early hickups with the store, everything seems to go rather smoothly. This may change, of course, once everybody comes rushing in, but so be it. We’re prepared. ;)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybdy involved with this rather stupid idea of taking a small software company and turning it around 180 degrees. Max and I had this vague concept, and while it took us far too long to make it happen, we’re very happy with where the Soulmen are today and glad everything worked out just the way it currently does.



We are close…

July 11th, 2009

… just wanted to share the status quo here:

Ulysses Disk Image

You might notice that the disk image icon is still missing.
This is how close we are :)

New pricing for Ulysses

July 2nd, 2009

A view on a road in Mojave National Preserve, CA.

As we already announced yesterday, Ulysses 2.0 and Ulysses core 2.0 will be released on Wednesday, July 8. This Update hosts a tremendous list of features, refinements and polishes.

One change that we never spoke about and one that has not been brought up so far is the pricing. After six (!!!) years of free Updates, bringing Ulysses 1.0 to 1.6r2, we finally decided to do a paid update.

And we decided to make Ulysses cheaper. Not because we think it’s overpriced or not worth what we charge. It’s rather that we want to make it more affordable for many users. We don’t want people to choose a different application just because of the price.

As of July 8, 2009 this will be the new price tags:

  • Ulysses 2.0 full version EUR 44.99
  • Ulysses 2.0 educational EUR 34.99
  • Ulysses core 2.0 full version EUR 24.99

For all Users who purchased after January 1st, 2009 version 2.0 will be a free update. For all others there are two options:

  • Updating any version to Ulysses 2.0 full version EUR 24.99
  • Updating any version to Ulysses core 2.0 full version EUR 14.99