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iBooks Author

January 20th, 2012

First things first: No, we won’t support any sort of export to iBooks Author, because we can’t. There’s just no way to do it, as the file format is proprietary, and the import options within the app are limited to Pages and Word files. That’s right, there’s no option to import plain text files or even HTML (which the format is based on).

Yeah, sucks, but that’s the way it is. Ask Apple what they were thinking.

Having said that, I’m pretty excited about iBooks Author, because it looks like a nice and easy way to do some rather fancy eBooks. The image gallery widget is great, for example, and so are the options to create coffee table books or (something I’m really looking forward to) children’s books. Not having to fiddle around with CSS will be awesome, and the way they handle file export (send via email or just publish to the iBookstore) are just great.

Novels? Not so much.

Which leads me to that dreaded piece of EULA: