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Status 002

March 3rd, 2009


Today I’m sharing with you the very first in-game screenshots of our upcoming puzzle game. The above screen shows the level select on a stage currently called “Plong”.

It is, quite obviously, an hommage to what many consider the first real video game, though our rendition has very little in common with the legendary tennis sim.


Status 001

February 4th, 2009

Build succeeded

Dunno about any of you, but there’s not much that beats the excitement of finally seeing a project come to life. Be it the mixdown of some music, starting the photocopier on some written work or sending graphics to the printer… it always (and still) gives me the chills.


Just In Case…

January 27th, 2009

…anybody was wondering if we’re for real. ;)

I know that the image doesn’t show much, but then again there’s not much to show at the moment anyway. However, it’s what I’m looking at right now — a test render for an iPhone game we’re working on.

Yup, that’s a level editor there.