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Some stuff I’m working on…

September 29th, 2010

Styles menu Daedalus touch

Messing around with UIMenuController.

Tapping on “Style‚Ķ” would bring up several styling options for the selected text. Either plain RTF styles, such as “bold/italic/underline”, or semantic styles such as “emphasize”. It could also host text insertions; think of tags, which would be inserted before/after the selection.

These options could either be shown in the current menu (replacing cut/copy/paste/etc.) or in a larger popover which still points to the selection. The first option being much more direct, if pretty limited. The second option could hold more options and could go WYSIWYG on the selection. It could even hold the basic format palette of B/U/I, text alignment, lists/intendation. It might break in landscape, though, and the initial menu might get awfully long in certain languages.

Other caveats/questions: Would it act as a switch (undo “bold” when already bold), would it be fixed styles (or would the user need to customize the available options), would it work on a selection of zero (just the insertion point), would it allow paragraph-based styling (headline) and so on.

But I like the idea, as it would allow text manipulation without having a button bar visible. It would also be much more direct: manipulations would happen in visible context and would thus be seperate from nav-bar buttons (which might then only manipulate global options such as view, spell-check on/off etc.). Dunno, but it could well hold a basic set of markdown tags… hm.

Please note that this is filed under Research & Development, so don’t expect to find it in any shipping product. :)

On Prototyping iPhone UI

February 9th, 2009

iPhone real size vs. screen dimensions

One thing to keep in mind when designing an interface for the iPhone: Physical size vs. pixel accuracy.

For the desktop, you can pretty much design an interface based on what you see in Photoshop. If you can barely position your cursor over a button, or if the text is too small to read at 100%, that element really is too small, mind you. If it works at 100%, however, it mostly works for everybody else, even for those crazy types with their 30″ screens.

For the iPhone, however, what you see in Photoshop is almost two times larger than what you will get on the actual device. And to make matter worse, not all fingers are as small, tiny and accurate as that black’n'white arrow pointer we all know and love.

In other words: That iPhone is one damn small device!


When Emulation Goes Too Far [Parallels]

February 1st, 2009

parallels desktop do you want to quit

This is a dialog worthy of any Windows system, no doubt, but I wouldn’t expect the emulator to throw it up. Also, what happens if “do not show this message again” is clicked?

Will it quit without a warning, or will it just stay open?