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So we submitted our first iPhone App. Now what’s next?

January 26th, 2011


You’ll see this branding quite a lot this year. We hope.

We’ve just submitted our first iPhone app to the App Store: Kids’Player. It’s nothing spectacular, just a pretty minimal music player for a small, restricted audience, but still… it’s our first iOS submission, so break out the champagne. (yeah!)

If the review gods find nothing store-shattering, you’ll soon see a button on the product page which you might click (or tap) to rush and download the app for 99 cent apiece. It will make your kids happy, and turn us into insanely rich and famous people. No doubt. So fingers crossed and all, let’s just hope we didn’t infringe on some funny patent someplace or some such some-so some…what.

But wait, there’s more!