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Styling Conversation

May 25th, 2009

Styling Conversations in Ulysses 2.0

I’m currently creating brand-new themes for Ulysses’ GROUNDBREAKING (!!!) new theme switcher. We’ll have five to six different approaches available at launch, and we also streamlined the whole process of importing themes from other projects.

Whatever. While toying around with the many possibilities of defining custom characters as inline style tags and thus having these tags colored and whatnot in the editors, I came up with what I think might be a pretty cool way to do conversations: Check out the shot above (I ripped the text from a Final Draft page, hope they don’t mind).

As with most of Ulysses’ features, a screenshot can’t show how it feels to write with such a theme, so you just need to take my word that it sure feels great, he. It’s good for easily identifying speech passages, great for reading out loud, and quite a nice method of adding focus when actually writing.

This might even be of use for folks doing basic scriptwriting.