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Wrapping things up (start of, actually)

June 10th, 2009

Ulysses 2.0 Final

Puh, these days are just packed. Laying finishing touches on some interface elements, squashing late bugs, collecting localizations, squashing new bugs, creating PR letters and product information pages, double-checking new Help content, the new registration system, squashing bugs, the new updater (works!), and finally moving every little bit over to SOULMEN CI.

Apart from standard pre-release craziness, you won’t believe how much blue-tec stuff has amassed over the years, and how much work it is to completely switch out company names and logos and colors and all… no going back, of course. :)

But not much time to blog-post, either.

So, release date. You want a release date? A fixed and firm release date? And a price tag? Standard price and update-fee? Like… Ulysses 2.0, available at, beginning… beginning… beginning, uhm, or rather starting at… at…

Ulysses 2.0 Beta 6

May 30th, 2009

Beta 6 is up, go “Check for Updates…”

This release is the feature-complete. We might change the look of some buttons, might add or modify a shortcut here or there, might even juggle some menu items around — but that’s about it.

Preferences will need to get cleaned up, some interface strings have errors. Localizations are incomplete, and the Help does not reflect the change from 1.7 to 2.0 or much of the new features, for that matter. The links in the Help menu still lead to unfinished webpages.

Other than that, this will be it.
Happy testing, you know where to report. ;)

BTW: The release version will include several project templates as well as five to six default themes for use via Fonts & Colors. We might even include some freely available fonts, though this is still undecided (e.g. Gentium).

Introducing Ulysses 2.0 — Project Templates

May 29th, 2009


We know you guys have been waiting centuries for this one feature. And now it finally made its way into Ulysses. As a ultra-last-minute-feature we are proud to present you:

Project Templates.

Steve would have said: “This is HUGE”. Just save projects you want to use as templates to the “Templates” folder and you’re done.

Disagree? Agree? Want to argue? Want to send some praises? (he)
… this is the place to go.

your professional Ulysses 2.0 Development Team.

Ulysses 2.0 Beta 5

May 27th, 2009

Ulysses 2.0 Console Mode Notes Block Cursor

Hello ‘ya all!

We just uploaded another update for the public beta of Ulysses 2.0. As the previous one you can get it through the built-in update mechanism. Just select “Search for Updates…” from the Ulysses menu. The change list is quite long, major new things include themes support, preferences import, a new look for the console mode notes window and a blinking block cursor option for console mode.

Have fun, happy bug reporting :)

UPDATE: We just uploaded another update for the beta 5. This gives the console mode notes the final look and – more importantly – solves several major bugs.

Styling Conversation

May 25th, 2009

Styling Conversations in Ulysses 2.0

I’m currently creating brand-new themes for Ulysses’ GROUNDBREAKING (!!!) new theme switcher. We’ll have five to six different approaches available at launch, and we also streamlined the whole process of importing themes from other projects.

Whatever. While toying around with the many possibilities of defining custom characters as inline style tags and thus having these tags colored and whatnot in the editors, I came up with what I think might be a pretty cool way to do conversations: Check out the shot above (I ripped the text from a Final Draft page, hope they don’t mind).

As with most of Ulysses’ features, a screenshot can’t show how it feels to write with such a theme, so you just need to take my word that it sure feels great, he. It’s good for easily identifying speech passages, great for reading out loud, and quite a nice method of adding focus when actually writing.

This might even be of use for folks doing basic scriptwriting.

Ulysses 2.0 Public Beta Update

May 22nd, 2009

We’ve just uploaded a new version of Ulysses 2.0 for all your beta needs. Select “Search for Updates…” from the Ulysses menu NOW! Else grab the old version over here and then do the update. Yup, we’re also testing the new update mechanism.

Update. There, I wrote it again.

Oh, just don’t forget to tell tell us what you think, how you like it, what you hate, and what you want.

Ulysses 2.0 Public Beta

May 6th, 2009

We’ve just started the Public Beta for Ulysses 2.0. If you’re interested, head over to the blue-tec forum, grab a copy, and let us know what you think.

Introducing Ulysses 1.7 — 2.0

April 24th, 2009

Ulysses 2.0

After much debate and even more added features, we’ve decided to take Ulysses to version 2.0. That’s right: The next version will be a major release, our first full version jump after almost six years (!), and it will be an update more than worthy of the version change.

And yes, we will indeed charge an update-fee from long-time users. We’re still evaluating our grace-period policy, but please don’t worry. If you’re considering buying 1.6 right now, we won’t charge you again in a couple of weeks.

The move to 2.0 will also bring with it some changes to the way we handle updates and registrations. For one, we’re ditching the current registration process in favor of a simple serial number scheme. I could go into great lengths explaining why we implemented our system in the first place, but it will be gone for good anyway, so I don’t want to bother.

Second, we’ll be moving to Sparkle for automatic updates. This might be of minor interest to most users, but when we started Ulysses, Sparkle wasn’t available at all, so we came up with our own system. Turned out to be pretty much identical to Sparkle, so for 2.0 we’re giving up our own solution for a system that has become the defacto standard on Mac OS X — for third parties at least. Helps us focus on more important tasks.

There are still lots of as-of-yet unannounced features, but my guess is that you’ll rather play around with 2.0 yourself then read about it. If so, I’ve got news for you: We’ll be starting a public beta run of Ulysses 2.0 within the coming weeks. The application will be available for download over at the blue-tec forum, where we’ll also set up a PB-section again to exchange thoughts, comments and, uhm, bug-reports.

And that’s that.

I’m off to a two week’s holiday now. No web, no gaming consoles, no mobile phones. Let’s see if the kids play along, he…

Have fun!