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    Hello all,

    I've spent a couple of hours today taking a .dot file from my publisher and copying the various font styles into a Ulysses project (full disclosure: I downloaded the app yesterday and am in the process of trialling it). In doing so, I found a little bug in the fonts setup for export paragraph styles; it seems that changing the colour of the font only takes hold if you first change the document colour (i.e. to white). Until that point, the colour change doesn't show up in the sample area in the style editor. Additionally, there is no feedback on the underlining or strikethrough styles. This latter is partly an issue with the standard font dialog (its preview doesn't show colour, underlines, strikethroughs, etc. at all) but it would be nice for the app itself to show this feedback somewhere, just in case I should forget what I've set.

    I accept that these may be cosmetic flaws only (I haven't gotten nearly enough styles imported yet to do a test export) but it seems a little confusing, and provides an opportunity for a reasonably simple-to-implement yet worthwhile new feature for a future point-update.
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2009
    Thank you for pointing this out. We will see if and how we can fix this as soon as possible.