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    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010
    So I want to start this with saying that I love Ulysses. I love the Soulmen, their support, and their products. However...

    Why make Ulysses Mobile? I might be in the minority, but why make Ulysses an application on the iphone/ipod touch? I really can see myself opening up Ulysses Mobile and writing and/or editing a document using /tags or any other feature that makes Ulysses such a great application. I use Ulysses for documents, writing, and many other tid bits of information, but I can't see myself opening up a mobile version and writing a document on my Iphone. I just can't...

    I suppose my biggest beef is, why not spend the time making Ulysses for Mac better than spending time/effort of an application that doesn't really seem very practical on a mobile OS?

    Will you use Ulysses Mobile? I want your opinions? I want your thoughts.

    Why Ulysses Mobile?
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010
    I can't really see myself using Ulysses on my iPhone--for the simple reason that I loathe typing with my thumbs. However, I believe a capable version of Ulysses for the iPad would be really useful (and cool). Like it or not--the iPad represents the future for consumer computing. With al it's constraints I personally believe the future is bright.

    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    I definitely want to use Ulysses on my iPhone. I once wrote almost an entire novel on the old Psion Revo (in the 90s, before laptops became ubiquitous) while on the train to and from work. I can see myself doing the same with my phone, though typing is a lot harder on the iPhone. It would also be great to be able to edit and read text on the go. I've tried copying documents to other apps so that I can work on them away from my computer, but I often forget which is the most recent version--Ulysses or the other app. Hopefully the future version of Ulysses would be able to tell which is the latest version of a document. I simply can't wait.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010

    Ulysses mobile is designed to do two primary tasks: reviewing your scribblings and shoting down ideas in a format you like. Ulysses mobile will be the only text editor for the iphone that can go beyond plain text. You will be able to just sync your works (although not in the initial release) and have your projects alongside you wherever you go.

    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010 edited
    Its thoose words that escape you when in front of youre imac or macbook, the thoughts that comes when your on the train or walking never know what connects thoose patherns in the brain..and when it connects, where do you put it..:)
    I like U.Mobile..i have found myself using it after i went to bed, half asleep, then it came..the last piece, at meetings, parties..
    In a perfect world we all would be in front of our imacs and macbooks, all day writing, being poets..but sometimes we need to get out and fetch whatever is there..
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010
    I was lucky enough to be able to try the beta version and Ulysses Mobile is a very nice piece of software. I use it for random thoughts and notes, and much prefer it to the other text editors and note taking software for the iPhone. I can't wait until it's out -- and especially when it can sync with Ulysses for the Mac!
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2010
    I agree. Initially I thought I would not use my iPod Touch for writing. In a sense, that's still true. But using the beta I now have 10 projects in it, with several notes each, all with thoughts that came to me at times I was not behind my computer, nor felt like taking place behind one (or too far away!). Quite apart from the fact that these projects relate to Ulysses files, and it is therefore much neater to have them in Ulysses Mobile than in, say, Evernote, the layout is particularly striking and conductive to writing in ways similar to Ulysses Senior. It is also possible to use inline tags—if you're not taking notes, but actually writing a paragraph, that's very useful to have available.
    If this applies to a small screen as that of the iPhone/iPod Touch, it stands to reason that Ulysses Junior will be incredibly useful on an iPad. And I want an iPad, but I'm probably blowing my budget away on a camera tomorrow. That's to say, for the time being. I do believe that iPad will replace my iPod Touch eventually.
    All in all, I've come to love Ulysses Mobile, even without syncing—when later releases include syncing, that's bliss.
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2010 edited
    There may be another use for Ulysses Mobile, which may be trivial for regular users, but extremely helpful for irregular users like myself.
    Because I have limited time to spend on large, creative writing projects, I use Ulysses very rarely. Or rather, with a lot of time between uses. At the same time, like most people I presume, I work a lot with usual WSYIWYG editors.
    So each time I get back to Ulysses, I have to reaquaint myself with the semantic way of thinking and with the different tags.

    Having Ulysses Mobile with me at all times could very well remedy that. Just fiddeling around from time to time, writing grocery lists and jotting down random thoughts using styles and markers would keep the semantiv writing style fresh in my head, so when I got down to write something longer, I wouldn't have to stop first and dust off some old, dried up synapses.
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2010
    For me, my main focus is on ulysses on mac, my imac and macbook. U.Mobile is a nice one a nice comfort when traveling or when stuck somewhere..still..i think the productivity is going to be limited on mobile devices..even much else that have to be there in order to be productive, for fiction writing at least. Reasearch stuff, coffe, music, a focused mindset..