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    Greetings -
    MMy name is chris and i was given a free license for Ulysses a very long time agfo, and i decided after getting a good look at some of the screen casts that it was time for me to finally make a large but sound future as a serious novelist and came to the conclusion that Ulysses has finally matured to the point that it can seriously cut back on my work load as a writer due to the grand expansion of the semantic text editing powers and theme capabilities. Thus my intention is to finally build a template for novels that incorporates as many shortcuts as i can think of that accomplish the following goal:

    * MAKE THE MOST OF THE FACT THAT I CAN ONLY TYPE ONE HANDED: By creating paragraph and inline styles that remove the need for me to take my hands off the keyboard or ever have to use the shift key, therefore, i need to know how to do the following:
    [1.] how do i make it so that a single "i" with two spaces between it is automatically capitalized?
    [2.] whats the most effective way of ensuring that an easily accessible group of keys (say for instance `` and `` indicates a grouping of text that should automatically be enclosed by " " and indented? (im assuming that an inline style can handle this) but thats something that i still dont grasp very well... what is an inline style best used for and what is a paragraph style best used for?

    And for the record I am -very- handicapped physically, i can only type with four fingers on my left hand but after 20 years of practice i can often do better than 55wpm - thats assuming that i dont have to reach over and use keys like the ctrl or shift keys to accompliush things.

    [3.] when i define inline or paragraph styles do i have to include a closing to the style or can i just start another one and assume ulyssses will move on when it sees the next in its database? For example:

    $$ this is a defined style
    %% this is the second. will it be recognised?
    $$or is it better to treat style switches like opening and closing statements in html like this?$$

    Special thanks to Marcus Fehn for my start with ulysses - ive never forgotten your compassion and have finally returned the favor by buying a license for the full version! This is a writing program i truly believe in - its certainly come a long way from version 1.4!
    Im starting my own website for the motivational materials im writing for disabled people? Where might i get a badge for my site stating
    "Content managed/written with Ulysses" or whatever you guys use for online marketing?

    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2010
    Hello Chris,

    thank you for using Ulysses again :)

    Your first two points can be achieved via the MacOS text replacements. You can configure them in the System Settings under Language & Text > Text. "``z " could be replaced by " "" (the tab can be inserted with option-tab) and `` can be replaced by " to achieve what you want to do. The same goes for "i i" which could be replaced by "I".

    Inline and Paragraph Styles can be used for formatting your exported Documents. Paragraph Styles are for whole paragraphs, e.g. a heading. The start at the beginning of a line and end at the end of the paragraph. Inline Styles can be used within a paragraph or within a text. They start with the start tag and end either with the end tag or at the end of the current paragraph. You can use all of the notations you mentioned. The last would be needed if you use an $$Inline Style$$ within a sentence or paragraph.

    Thank you for reminding us of the badge. We will provide some marketing material for our customers soon.