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    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2010
    New user but a longtime fan of semantic editing. I'd like to revisit the thread on reference management from last July. Would it be possible to completely uncouple reference semantics from reference presentation? Here's what I have in mind:

    {{- This is a note. }} or {{NotePtr}} get status as first-class semantic markup same as tags. In fact, {{}} et al. become a new kind of tag, call it Block Inline tag. As with Paragraph and Inline tags, users can create an arbitrary number of Block Inline tag classes. At the Exporter stage, you specify layout as for Paragraph tags, PLUS you specify layout with respect to the document and project. For each Block Inline tag class, you have the following options:

    -- Sequentially marked notes running from page to page (footnotes, margin notes, CSS floating element notes)
    -- Sequentially marked notes collated at end of document (end-of-article notes)
    -- Sequentially marked notes for all documents in the export, collated into a new output document (end-of-book notes)

    Motivation: Say I have a document that will appear in multiple guises. I want to use it as a seminar talk, a Web article, a standalone journal article, and a chapter in a book. The reference material will be more or less the same in all four versions, but its presentation will vary. For the talk, I want notes to appear as footnotes or marginal notes . For the Web article, notes should appear as floating elements when the reader hovers the note anchor. For the journal article, notes should appear at the end of the main text. For the book, notes for all chapters should appear together in a separate document generated by the Exporter.

    So it's not about being able to do endnotes along with footnotes, it's about uncoupling the semantics ("This is reference matter") from what's really a part of presentation ("This goes on the page where its anchor appears" vs. "This goes at the end of the document" vs. "This goes at the end of the series of documents created by an export").

    I realize there are nontrivial differences between note placement and the kind of presentation options needed for a paragraph tag, and that this would introduce a mess of new degrees of freedom into the Exporter. Odds something like this could come about in the next year or three?
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2010

    Sorry for the delayed answer. We'll keep this in mind for future versions. Maybe not in the next year, but it sounds interesting and useful :)