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    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010 edited
    I know that I can change the text color and the background color and the highlighting color for when I select a text.

    The request I have is for the ability to modify the highlighting color when the text is not the target.

    For example, I type something in the main window, I select/highlight it. Then, I click on my notes to modify them, but when I go to the notes, the highlighting color in the document changes from the highlighted color to gray.

    Now the text is highlighted in gray and not in the color that I want. The main problem with this is that I have set up a custom theme with dark colors and gray text. Well, I have my highlighting set as a dark color, and my text is gray, and my background is black. But when I click in the note part (and the main text is no longer selected), the highlighting changes to gray, which is very much nearly the same color as my text, and makes it nearly impossible to read.

    It would be nice if I could modify the both the selected text's highlighting color & the background text's highlighting color, or that the background text highlighting color (fixed at gray) was just set to be the same as the highlighting color.

    I hope this makes sense, since I feel like I had a hard time explaining the issue in text and would been much easier to just 'show' you the issue.

    A problem situation would be that I've highlighted a text and copied it, and then clicked on a note to copy it into the note. But then as I move through the notes, I realize that I wanted the text in a different note. But just to make sure, I'd like to keep track of what the text says, but now the selected text is highlighted in gray (the same color as the text itself, which renders it impossible to see). And I'd have to click back into the main window to see what the highlighted text says. Also, this problem occurs in any window, I've just chosen these two to help illustrate my example.
    • CommentTimeJul 29th 2010

    The inactive highlight color is gray system-wide, but we'll see what we can do here :) Thank you for bringing this up!