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    I am really impressed with what I've seen with Ulysses - and am seriously considering switching over from Scrivener. The one feature Scrivener has not provided and my other editor OpenOffice provides is integrated Zotero support. I use Zotero extensively for reference writing and organisation in my PhD and would really appreciate an integrated wiki-like editor like Ulysses to be able to utilise Zotero from within the editor.
    I realise it's possible to parse RTF and Zotero with brackets and standard bibliographic delimiters but a simple add-on that would enable me to add footnotes and references would be fantastic
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2010

    Thanks for your suggestion :) Which features would you need here? Is it possible for Zotero to create bibtex style references? They can be used by the LaTeX exporter.

    Thanks for getting back to me so fast!

    The most useful thing would be an ability for Ulysses to communicate with Zotero such that it could insert references into the editor.
    Zotero itself does a fairly good job at RTF scanning w/Bibtex - - so the issue is not the parse in exporter, just the ability to link citations from within zotero like the OOo or Word plug-in.
    It might go against the semantic elegance of Ulysses but having the ability to browse a citations database whilst writing is really useful (at least for people like me)
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010

    This might be a use case for a Mac OS Service I think – enabling this for more applications than just Ulysses. Maybe you can convice the Zotero team to create an OSX service?