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    It would be very nice if could be possible to export simple HTML text formatted with styles you need. I think to all of us that work with blogs and cms, and would simply post or send by mail HTML text instead of using another editor. HTML text isn't much complicated. In the case of a blog, for example, you need just "strong" or "em" tags, and maybe a full custom text box to put more complicated styles and the ending tag of course.

    Export simple text or RTF or HTML text to clipboard could be great feature too for same reason.

    Because I love work with Ulysses I would work with it all time, in all the work I do usually. I hope to give you new ideas based on what I need in my work of journalist.
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2010

    We're currently working on a Web Exporter – you can get the Public Beta in the Web Export forum thread. Exporting to the clipboard is currently not possible, I think this would be an idea for a System Service.

    Well, I think I've got a solution. I create some inline styles with the html tags I needed. Because Ulysses allows user to define start tag and end tag different, you can open and close HTML tags as you wish, using just a keyboard shortcut on selected text. Then command-a to select all and paste in a website cms text box as HTML. It works very fine. It is so versatile.

    Thank you