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    I'm testing the Epub export plugin. It seems to work the basics very nicely.

    In terms of customization, I noticed I cannot edit or add any paragraph styles. Is this because of beta?

    With Love,
    Uddhava d?sa
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2010 edited

    Adding/Editing paragraph styles works for me. In fact, the ePub Template is just like any other Template for the Web Exporter. You can simply edit/add Styles in the EPUB.plist file.
    Please bear in mind that you need to restart Ulysses in order to update the Template settings.

    Sorry, still couldn't get it to work. What I'm trying to do is simply change font size, or color for the Epub output.
    In the export for PDF i can choose edit, and the Font, Alignment, Line spacing, etc.

    While trying to do that with Web Exporter I don't get the edit option, and although I can edit the PLIST file, I cannot edit
    those parameters (Font size, etc) for each style. Here's a sample picture, there is no edit option:

    I have restarted Ulysses several times. There seems to be something I'm missing.

    With Love,
    Uddhava d?sa
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2010 edited

    That's because ePub consists of XHTML and CSS files, internally.
    Paragraph Styles (and also Inline Styles, Markers) are (usually) exported to a certain tag, for example Emphasis is exported to <em></em>. Or paragraphs with a Heading are exported to <h1></h1>. You would need to change the CSS file, for the ePub export this file is in css/book.css. Here you can adjust the look of each tag.
    However, please be aware that iBooks ignores pretty much every style change since it wants ePub books to look as uniform and nice as possible. You can use Adobe Digital Editions to take a look at ePub books on your Mac.

    Hello Goetz,

    I took a look at the CSS file and I can see how to tweak it. It’s a good way to work around the problem.

    In fact, we are currently exporting to Epub from Pages (iWork) and it does support all kinds of custom formatting.
    It creates a huge number of styles within the final Epub export. It also displays correctly in the iPad/iPod.
    I agree that its better to keep it standard, but there is certainly room for custom styles.

    Why not simply enable custom styles within the export like PDF and DOC? Would it be too complicated considering
    that one would need to declare the CSS code too?

    With Love,
    Uddhava dasa