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    I'm testing out the PDF exporter for the first time, and I need some help troubleshooting.

    For one of my paragraph styles, I would like the paragraph to be indented on the left as well as the right (like a blockquote). So I put in the following parameters:

    Head Indent first line: 0.63cm
    Head indent other lines: 0.63cm
    Tail indent: 0.51cm

    Everything works well WITHOUT the tail indent. As soon as I put in the tail indent, I get weird output. It looks like a bunch of characters are all squashed into the width of a single character.

    So it seems to me that the exporter is taking the tail indent to be far more than what I am specifying. When I reduce it to 0.01, then I get one character per line. But as soon as I reduce it to zero, it displays properly (though without any tail indent).

    Has anyone else encountered such a problem? Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for any assistance.

    Nava-yauvana das
    Oh I figured it out. Ulysses measures the tail indent from the LEFT of the page. Duh!

    I guess that wasn't intuitive for me, because Pages deals with it as "right indent" — measured from the right.

    Anyway, that's solved now. I'm leaving the post on here in case anyone else runs into this.
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2010
    Hmm, seems to be a bug. It should be measured from the right of the page. Until we fix this, you can just put in a negative number to get it measured from the right of the page.
    Cool. That works well. Thanks.