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    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2010 edited
    Hi all-

    Just started using Ulysses: I'm contemplating moving from a TextMate/MultiMarkdown/XeLaTeX system I've been using.

    I'm hoping someone could clarify Preferences for me. Are they global to Ulysses, or unique to a particular project?

    I entered some test styles, inline and paragraph, and found they wouldn't display in the Edit menu:

    (How do I markup an active link on the forum?)

    After quitting and relaunching Ulysses, I found that the menu displayed correctly, but that the styles appear to have been written both to the project's Contents.plist, and to the preferences file com.soulmen.ulysses.plist. So they are global to Ulysses and not just local to the Project.

    I trashed the preferences file, which got rid of the global settings, but when I open the project, I get the menu problem in the above screenshot again.

    Did I misread the help file, or is there some issue here?

    Best wishes, Charles
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2010

    Preferences depend on whether a project is open or not, and whether a project has its own prefs or not (new projects).

    Generally, a project will always hold its own prefs. You open a project, and it will look and behave like you set in ITS prefs. However, if you create a new project, it will inherit the last used preferences, which most likely are those of the last opened project.

    But you should also be able to set prefs without any project open. These should then be used for any new project you create, like a standard, regardless of previously opened projects. There might be some hickup here...

    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2010
    What about export settings, are these supposed to be following the project as well? Because they don't seem to do so... (at least not when syncing via Dropbox).
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2010
    Liebe Herr fehnman-

    Try this:

    . Trash the com.soulmen.preferences.plist
    . Launch Ulysses and open a new project
    . Add a new style by simply accepting the defaults after clicking "+"
    . Give the style a visible font/color style change
    . Go to the Edit Menu->Inline Styles and observe the choices
    (For me, I do not see my new style in the menu)
    . Type a sentence using the new style
    (For me, my new style shows up in the document)
    . Close and re-open the document
    (For me, Ulysses hangs on the opening progress dialog. I dbl-clicked on the project file on the Desktop)
    . Close and re-launch Ulysses. Inspect the Inline Styles menu
    (For me, my New Style is displayed, but the default Emphasis style has disappeared)
    . Close and re-launch Ulysses. Inspect Preferences
    (For me, the added preferences are present for any new project)
    . Close Ulysses, trash com.soulmen.preferences.plist
    . Re-launch Ulysses and open the previously created project
    . Inspect the Inline Styles menu
    (For me, the new inline style is missing from the menu)
    . Type something using the new style
    (For me, the style is operative)
    . Quit Ulysses and re-launch
    (Here things get confusing for me. I think the project styles have been made "global" and the new style in the Inline Styles menu is visible)

    So, assuming that this behavior is not unique to my setup, it looks like it's some minor issue with new styles getting on the menu. Re-launching Ulysses appears to correct the problem for me. I'll post any further info if appropriate.

    Thanks and best wishes,