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    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2011
    I am new to Ulysses and before I get in too deep, I need to ensure I can footnote my work. I think I saw a footnote in one of the screencasts, but there is no explanation of how to do the actual footnote, or connect the source info, in a screencast or in Ulysses help, nor was I able to find anything searching the web.

    Also, as I am considering using Ulysses for a master's thesis, I need to be sure I can export the footnotes. But, I think I've read that I cannot. Please confirm.

    Last, I also use Twig (Tinderbox 'lite') and Devonthink and am wondering if I can import them both into Ulysses (I believe I can import DT...not sure about Twig). My final major assumption is that Ulysses will 'talk' to Sente.

    Thanks in advance for the help anyone can offer. I really think Ulysses is a good fit for me (I tried Scrivener but just couldn't 'get' it), and I desperately hope it will work out.
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2011
    I don't really use footnotes but I know Ulysses *can* do it. Look in the help file for an explanation of how it works. Basically you need to put a special tag with a unique identifier in the text where you want it to be and then a corresponding explanation with the same identifier in a note.
    But what I wanted to say was that I use endnotes a lot (not via Sente but Bookends, but it shouldn't be much different). While there is no plug-in that can automatically format endnotes upon export it works nicely to export to rtf or doc and scan the exported document. No problem, I have written many articles like this.

    Good luck and happy writing, Niklas
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2011 edited

    The RTF and the PDF Exporter can export footnotes. The Ulysses Manual includes a section on this feature. Additionally, the Screencast on exporting also covers footnotes.

    I don't know about Twig and Devonthink, but Ulysses can import common text files, such as TXT, RTF, and DOC. In general, if the document is text, you can import it into the current project by simply dragging the document in question to Ulysses' icon in the dock.


    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2011

    I'm writing my doctoral dissertation using Tinderbox, DT and Bibdesk, and just recently switched from Tinderbox w/Multimarkdown to Ulysses. Very happy with the change (although I hope The Soulmen don't get too distracted with their iOS thingys).

    Footnotes are quite do-able in Ulysses. Very nice having them separated from the body of the text, although with the quantity I have, "notes" becomes pretty useless for anything but footnotes. But I've started to "inline" my notes as a result.

    DEVONthink exports both RTF and TXT, and is easily Applescriptable to assemble notes (or whatever) for import into Ulysses. Tinderbox/Twig exports TXT, and with scripting, many flavors of XML/HTML/OPML. I don't believe there's a straightforward way to get the styled RTF of Tbox notes out into the real world. (And I do believe that Mark Bernstein is a Ulysses user.)

    I never liked Sente, which is/was buggy, but worse, had really bad user support and development. Ulysses isn't scriptable, so it'd be a chore to get something more automatic than cut 'n' paste going. But with LaTeX, that isn't a problem, as so much is done in rendering the semantics. You could try some of the keyboard utilities like Keyboard Maestro or TextExpander if you're committed to RTF or some other format for final output.