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    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2009 edited
    I viewed the screencast about dragging pictures into notes and was able to do that. Then I inserted the code into the edit window, in the text, so the picture would be included in the export. However, when I export the picture is not included so I must not be doing it right. I have 3 pix, and labelled them in the Notes window like this:
    [[shriners- before the pix and then put ]] after it. Did this with all 3.
    Here is the copy of the text with the pictures (hopefully) included. As I say they do not come through on export. Can I get some guidance on what I did wrong?

    Text from edit window:
    Nonetheless medicine has developed from its basic premises to be extraordinarily big and complex. Just take a look at the size of these edifices, really temples devoted to the conceptual structure of allopathic medicine.
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2009
    Here are some ideas, maybe they can help you solve the problem:
    a) Did you put every picture into its own Note?
    The first Note should look like
    [[shriners-the shriner picture]]
    The second Note should look like
    [[indiana-the indiana picture]]
    and so on with the pictures inserted.

    b) Did you activate "Connections to Notes" in the Exporter, set the [[ and ]] tags in Pictures and the Status to "On" in the table below?
    c) Maybe you're using [[ as Tag in another Style or Marker? If yes, it should be set to "Don't touch" in the Exporter.

    Again, including pictures in the Export works for me.